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IK Multimedia Sunset Sound Studio Reverb NOW AVAILABLE

Simeon Amburgey

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1 minute ago, Peter - IK Multimedia said:

Did you download T-RackS 5.3 from your IK User Area?  It should include the proper Custom Shop version too.   You must always download and install the latest version to be able to try the new gear.

Doesn't CS supposed to notify us ? 


Having to dowload 1.5 g with my shitty internet conncetion i forgot about that ...noooooooo !!!!

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On 2/20/2020 at 12:19 PM, Tommy Byrnes said:

How is the CPU hit on this?

Depends on your system, of course, but people are reporting low to very low CPU usage.  Much lower than the tape machines, for example.

Edit - of course you can try it on your setup and check out the resource usage (and how great it sounds)  by demoing it right from Custom Shop :)

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2 hours ago, Tommy Byrnes said:

Thanks, Peter, I did just that yesterday. It sounds really good!!

Great to hear!  Also hope it is running well for you.  I know it won't run amazingly on a toaster (or as the kids say "a potato computer") but it also takes a fraction of the calculations required for the tape machines' utterly astounding complexity under the hood.  It's definitely at least a happy medium on average machines and a huge difference on anything even remotely deemed "modern".  Now if the industry would reopen the use of GPU for native plugins as a more widely-accepted use case I could run tape machines on my RTX 2080 card...  OK that went off topic but really T-RackS Sunset Sound Studio Reverb is not a beast on CPU but does require some computation and does include analog modeling of the preamps so there's that.

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For me CPU hit is nothing to worry about, on my demo machine I only have a 4790 i7 and it's not an issue. It sounds pretty damn fine I must say, haven't really got anything negative to say about it.

Oh, if you got the Jampoints, you can get it for a touch over $100 from IK ($104 or something iirc)

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