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Larry Graham Alexander

Create new, original instruments...

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If you work with sampled instruments you can create your own original sounds

by combining  instrumental voices together,  specifically for your lead (melody) instrument.

Write the parts in unison with each other or write one or more in octaves.

Some suggested combinations are flute and clarinet, guitar and tenor sax, trombone (upper range)

and alto sax.  oboe and clarinet.   Harpsichord (yes, harpsichord) and almost any tuned percussion instrument. 

The possibilities of instrument combinations is endless. 

Make sure that none of the instruments in the group dominates the others in volume.  It's best to limit the

number of instrumental voices in the group to three or four for best quality.

Play around with your own combinations.  It's fun and it will certainly add listening interest to your music. 

By experimenting you can create some ear-catching, fresh, new, original instruments.

I have used this technique since sampled instruments came upon the scene.

Larry Graham Alexander


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