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Converting midi to audio

Steven Gerard

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I setup my Korg M50 as a vst with the plugin editor, connected to computer via usb.  I record midi.  I'm trying to convert that midi to audio, but when I bounce the track to a new audio track, it's still midi.  I can convert the cakewalk tts-1 vst midi to audio successfully.   I'm a newbie.  From what I understand, is it correct that the only way to record audio from the Korg is to plug its output directly into the input on my interface?  Thank you very much.

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On 2/16/2020 at 5:11 PM, 57Gregy said:

If you want to use the sounds that the M50 makes, then yes, you have to record its audio output.

After googling for days and reading and re-reading threads on this topic, I found a post from 2010 that explained how to get midi data created from my Korg M50 into audio format.  

1. Record your midi as normal.

2. Insert a new audio track. 

3. Make sure the output of your midi tracks is set to the interface's output.

4. Record enable the audio track, begin recording and play the midi tracks.

5. You will now have an audio track, in audio format in the new audio track!

I can't believe this solution was so difficult to find.

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