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Nektar Impact LX49+ controller issue

William Hepper


Hi there,

I just purchased a new Nektar Impact LX49+ MIDI controller to use with my Cakewalk by Bandlab DAW. Nektar works as a basic MIDI instrument (I can play my VST synths and occasionally map the knobs successfully depending on the VSTi) However when I try to use the DAW Transport controls (Play/Stop etc.) or use the sliders to control the volume in Cakewalk’s mixer, I have absolutely no response.

I’ve downloaded all the necessary setup files for Cakewalk SONAR via the Nektar Impact website as a registered user and installed on my Windows 10 machine, and still nothing. I’ve also set up the Nektar Impact correctly as an ACT Controller in Cakewalk settings.

Has anyone with a Nektar Impact been able to successfully get it ‘talking’ to Cakewalk and use it to control the DAW transport and volume sliders? It’s been very discouraging thusfar.

Really appreciate your time and assistance!


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I used an LX61 with Cakewalk for a while, no problems with getting everything to run. Think of the DAW controls and the Keyboard as 2 different devices that must be setup individually. I cannot remember how I set it up now but you need to follow the advice given on the Nektar site for setup with Sonar as I don't think they have specific instructions for Cakewalk or at least they didn't when I was using it. If you follow the Sonar setup guide you should be fine. You have to activate both devices in the Cakewalk dialog box and make sure they are in the right boxes. There is an additional step as I remember for setting up with Sonar, just installing the setup files won't do it, look on their site for the instructions.



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