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Feature request: Solo Override - let it be set and forget like other daws, not solo as engaged

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As working are now, you need to have all fx busses visible to quickly activate this Solo override on each one - then go on to solo what you attempted.

Very cumbersome compared to letting solo override do stuff only as normal solo or exclusive solo is activated anywhere.

This is how it works on other daws - you just set it once, and hide fx busses away and never have to worry about it.

Thanks for any support on this.

It will be soooo much easier doing solo, just for mixing or as for recording and using dim on solo etc.

Running Cakewalk 2020.01.

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Im trying to understand this feature request a little better because I think your idea has some great potential.

Do you mean, when you press solo override, other un-solo FX buses are hidden ?

Or a button to press to retain previous solo tracks ?

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Thanks for viewing. Not quite, will try and explain.

When you do solo override on fx busses - it means when doing normal solo or exclusive solo on other tracks it does not mute those with solo override set.

But since solo override do solo itself now - you only hear fx busses if even set, meaning you have to remove that every time after using it.

And for that you need to make fx busses visible just for this purpose putting solo override on them every time - if want sends to fx busses to still sound.

In other daws this feature called, solo safe, solo excempt etc, you can set solo override once and let it stay there as saved with project, and  even hide fx busses away. Activating a solo override does nothing unless you solo other tracks normal way. So you always get fx busses excluded from mute soloing other tracks with no extra overhead each time.


TIP! for doing what I think you are saying ---------------------

There are very neat features in Cakewalk doing control groups of buttons - and the extra neat thing is that their retain their toggle status as they were when creating the group. Some were on, others were off etc. The toggling these as a group - the all swap state .

So lets say you have a bunch of tracks you want to solo together - and swap over to another group of tracks soloed - you can have one set with solo=on, and the other group solo=off. Create the group with all of these and then use as you please. 

- clicking on one part of group, lets say solo goes off, the other part solo goes on - their reverse state are maintained.

I had a similar thing going doing surround where I wanted to swap what I heard front L+R +center and rear L+R - very usable with such a group - and one click to swap between hearing either side.

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