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how to access prochannels modules


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hi, i have the behringer bcf2000, i can access to control 1st compressor and the eq but cant seem to access the other modules unless they are physically movd o the 1st 2 positions. i know the eq and 1st compressor is set can the others be made default so bcf can get to them? i can acess fx in fx bin with bcf but not everything in prochannel rack. am i doing something wrong? or is there a way to makke other modules seen

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I was describing track or project templates.

You can make templates so when you open a new project everything looks the way you want it to.

Track templates are great too...

Jimmy's Taylor guitar settings... 😎

Sarah's breathy vocal with tempo sync delay...

Anything you can think of.

Then pull them in and tweak forward.

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