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I Was Made 4 Lovin U! 3d Animation

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As promised last year, when I put this cover of the classic Kiss track - I Was Made 4 Lovin U - here is the 3d animation I created for said cover. 

I've created a faux Kiss cover band. I won't give away the plot line, but let's just say that like the Kiss of today...the Kiss cover band are the epitome of selling out lol. 

The animation is close to perfect lol. The 3d animation is 30fps, 4k UHD, and all processing done at 10-bit...so WGR lol. I should have probably filmed the animation at 60fps. There's reasons for this. I know though...30fps and 4k...and 10-bit colour! And it's proper 30fps. Most animation uses the 2-1 or ever 1-4 technique. What this means is, rather than proper 24fps or the so-called cinematic standard - your only using 12fps or worse 7fps to create the illusion of movement.

Of course the audio was all done in Sonar Platinum. Just for those fanboys. 

I'm working on the next movement of my symphony and a bit of naughty musical mashup idea of mine...cutting and pasting certain individuals to sing a song with me that I've recently written. And I have the hankering to put Drumpf (Trump) into Stand and Deliver (Adam Ant) and or Sympathy For The Devil covers. I've been working on a Drumpf digital actor in Makehuman lol. 


Cool, and enjoy!!    

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