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Hello all! Yes I've searched to see if anything related to my query was previously addressed, so sorry if it has and I didn't find it.

Here's what I'm trying to do with Cakewalk (the software is up to date) that I've done really easily with Cubase Element 9.5 before: On a song of mine that I'm recording I want to have this intro (BPM is set at 136 with a shuffle style in 4/4) where there is a swelling of the snare drum for the first 3 beats (triplets) and a quarter note Bass Drum/Snare/Crash on 4. Easy to step record this in Cakewalk. Now, I also want to record triplets on guitar for the first 3 beats so that makes for some serious fast playing that is above my pay grade 😛 What I did with Cubase previously was to solo the drums at half speed, time stretch the guitar's audio with a check box allowing me to keep the actual pitch. How would I go about that in the current version of Cakewalk that I much prefer to Cubase? Thanks for any replies.

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You would slow the temp down of your project, say to 100 or 80. The midi tracks should follow along.  Then record your guitar track, comp and bounce to a clip. Then you can "slip-stretch" or groove enable the clip to follow tempo. Then change the tempo back to 136.

See pp 746 of the User's manual

Slip-stretching audio
You can slip-stretch an audio clip in order to expand or compress its duration. Slip-stretching only works on regular
audio clips, not Groove clips or REX loops.
To slip-stretch an audio clip
1. Select the Smart tool in the Control Bar.
2. Hold down the CTRL and SHIFT keys, move the mouse pointer over the end of the clip until the cursor
changes into the slip-stretch icon , then drag the end of the clip to the desired position.
The clip is stretched and displays the stretch amount in the clip header (percentage of original duration).

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