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Gary Shore

Karl Rose SWA Complete Sonar X2 (39/50)-AudioSnapPalette

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Just finished watching this and as is my usual routine when finding any tutorials I think are especially interesting for my overall understanding of things,set up a timestamps sheet identifying which aspects of the topic under review are discussed when,along with my notes about it...

Figured I'd post this here and make it available as a kind of companion piece/Cliff notes study guide to use while checking out the tutorial itself,intended for for people like myself new to the DAW who want to see everything broken down and explained in clearly understandable/easily internalizable form so using it goes from being something that requires stopping to check various info sources every few minutes to a second-nature process where focusing on the material being worked on and the intended results replaces this. ...Have spent a lot of time checking out many of the tutorials available online,I think these(SWA Complete Sonar X2) are among the best for achieving this...


Since I've done this detailed timestamps process for a lot of other similarly excellent tutorials and intend to continue posting them here as time permits,I'd appreciate any feedback about the method used,whether it's understandable as is or whether changes could be made that would allow for a better understanding of things being shown in the tutorial......

The abbreviations used here are-

TM=Transient Marker


KD=kick drum


Audio TR=audio transients


TR=time ruler

DR TR=drum track

M + L M = merge and lock markers

CTM TR = Clip tempo map time ruler

> is used in sections where a step-by-step process is shown to indicate consecutive steps

360 is used to mean "this relates to..." or "across the board"depending on the context


1:05 Splitting clip to align bass/kick

Select both clips>CONTROL-enable Audio Tr for both(360 w/using floating HUD to do this shown)


 LANDMARK menu on SNAP to GRID set to Markers + Transients


1:31 Dragging indiv TM(turn yellow)and stretching audio on bass track to line it up w/kick track just above it 


1:40 Multiple select TM + hold CONTROL/moving one affects all proportionally(i,e,the relationship between them stays the same distancewise)

Multiple select w/out "" and both move same distance as one moved


Bounce to clips(360 w/A/B re-artifacts before bounce)



Aligning tracks so changes made on one will be applied 360-different methods shown

Same proc again w/selecting all tracks/enable Audio TR>ASP

Set threshold @ 0 so all Transients show

3:45 Doubleclick on TM to select it = same TM selected on all tracks>drag/move  one affects all

(360 w/adjusting WINDOW re-this=button in top R corner on ASP>ASP Properties Dialogue)


4:23 2nd approach =

Only OH/room mic tracks selected

Disable all TM=

R click Clip>dropdown

(360 w/different one than usual Clip R click dropdown one re-Audio Tr/ASP enabled on clip)

>Select markers @ top>"enabled"from side menu,then R click on TM

>select Disable(TM which were yellow on all selected tracks now show only as yellow diamond shape) 

>Deselect OH etc tracks and select SN/kick

>same approach w/Threshold @ 0 so all TM show(360 w/ using Resolution adj if necessary instead of All)

>w/CONTROL held down,select other 2 tracks again


5:10>R click Clip area,same dropdown>MERGE AND LOCK MARKERS

(copies all TM from SN/kick tracks to all 4 tracks)

same process w/drag/move TM on one track moves same TM on all

(DOUBLECLICK on TM on one track selects same TM across all tracks)


5:40 QUANTIZATION/options ID'd 360 =

-to existing clip

-to TR

-to MIDI GROOVE file

-groove extracted from existing track(POOL 360)

6:12-to TIMELINE(uses extracted Tempo Map after setting up accurate Clip Tempo Map-this is shown in previous tutorial)

-check all tracks to make sure TM aligned w/Transients

>repeat same process ID'd above to disable all TM on 2 OH tracks

>select SN track,check Clip Tempo Map(360 w/using Average Tempo dropdown @ top on CTM TR)

>filter resolution to 8ths

>Select all DR TR,M+LM

>Open Clip Inspector>Clip Lock off

>ASP Split beats into clips(done so that when Quantization applied,Clips will move instead of audio being stretched)

>Select all

7:57 Quantize Dialogue Box-

Audio Clip start times

Strength @ 85%

Window @ 75 %

ACF 20ms

Max Gap 80ms


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