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Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar (Zilvr's Electron Slicer Remix)


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Hey guys I hope youre doing great!

If you could have a listen to this Remix I made and let me know any mastering or mixing things you would do to this mix to make it better thatd be such a huge help! 

Id really appreciate your feedback.

Let me know if I can critique your productions too!

subscribe/follow me if you enjoy the track and have a great day today!


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HI Nathan.
As an ex Pioneer DJ/Club DJ myself (Norway) I hope you take my comments on board.

I understand your production and what you have done.. so well done on that.
You need to use reference tracks from previous club hits to get the groove with the bass and volume levels.
It is maybe your reproduction system that is not letting you hear the real world sound.
If you reference those tracks on your speakers you should be able to get in the ball park with your own mix.

Wish you all the best with your endeavors.


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