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Keith Wilby

My Latest Three

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Thanks for all of the comments on my three latest works in progress, which I've now finished and published.

I tried out all suggestions, although not all of them made it to the final cut. I'm glad that I removed the flange from the vocal on "A Woman Scorned" as suggested, and also reining in the bass and boosting the voice on "Mother's pride". I tried more drum fills on "Lady in the Lake" but I didn't like the result so most came back out. I did, however, act on the suggestion that the repeated lyrics needed attention, so the middle 8 now has new words.

They're on an EP called "Life's a Pantomime" which is on all of the major streaming platforms and also YouTube, so you can listen for free. The title comes from a line in one of the songs and the "cover" artwork features items that are mentioned in all three songs. Here are a few links:


Amazon Music:



Thanks again for all your inputs.

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