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Brix Boston

What Free Stuff & Sites Do You Use?

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I'm new here ☺️ Hey!

As you already know, overhead and expenses can get costly as a DIY musician. We've all learned to cut corners to save a few bucks (so we can spend it later on more pressing non-free stuff like a new Fender lol...) So, beginning to end, what free stuff and free websites/sass/services do you use or recommend?

Note: Please no referral/aff links. 

I don't work for or endorse any of the following:

This site helps you manage your song splits (only)

This one does this same for song splits with additional features for managing the whole collaborative process (works nice alongside BandLab)

Pretty much All Music, editable and claimable. Attempting to sync meta data I think. Control your credits and watch the songs you've contributed to.

This is a social media type of site, sort of. It's new.  Mainly, it's attempting to become a place where all your music can be cataloged. The focus seems to be on songwriters and composers looking to pitch their songs to indie artists. But it also provides some things like a free website and some types of monetization.

A really good free-ish app for selling merch and doing inventory at shows.

Maybe we can make a Masterlist by category?

  • Composition & Songwriting
  • Collaboration
  • Recording / Mixing / Mastering
  • Sounds, Loops, VSTs, Presets
  • Distribution & Uploading
  • Publishing Admin & Rights/Meta
  • Marketing (Promo, Ads, Publicity)
  • Networking and Finding People
  • Video Creation & Editing
  • Graphic Design Tools
  • Stock Images and Videos
  • Fonts and Other Visual Assets
  • Blogging, Vlogging, Podcasting
  • Live Streaming
  • Band Management (Splits, Setlists)
  • Accounting & Taxes
  • Email & List Management
  • Music Business / Indie Label Management Tools

What are some of the 100% freebies you use or recommend?

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2 hours ago, Brix Boston said:

Maybe we can make a Masterlist by category?


  • Sounds, Loops, VSTs, Presets

Welcome to the Coffee House.


Some of those lists already exist in the Instruments & Effects forum:






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