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CbB 2020.01 Update available

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Run BLA to update

Features & Enhancements

Multi-timbral soft synth enhancements. The new Instrument Track Per Output option in the Add Track menu and Insert Soft Synth Options dialog box for multi-timbral soft synths that support multiple outputs. It pairs a MIDI track with a separate audio output track (mono or stereo) for each synth output, assigning sequential MIDI channels. This allows you to have multiple Instrument tracks for a single instance of a synth.

MIDI chase is now supported for VST3 MIDI event buses that support it (e.g. Vienna Symphonic Library).

Show/hide Aim Assist text in Time Ruler (go to Edit > Aim Assist > Show Aim Assist Time or press ALT+X).

CPU metrics in Performance module. Diagnosing glitches in audio playback is now easier with the new Engine Load and Late Buffers metrics in the Control Bar's Performance module tooltip.

Experimental aggressive task scheduling model. We continue to work on improving our multi-threaded engine performance and have added a new 'aggressive' task scheduling model. The aggressive task scheduler utilizes more efficient task management that can result in better multi-processing and fewer thread context switches. The new scheduling model is activated by setting the ThreadSchedulingModel value to 3. This can be done via Edit > Preferences > Audio - Configuration File.

The Duplicate Clip command now respects Snap By.

Bug Fixes

WASAPI Exclusive mode fails to open inputs on multi-channel audio devices.

Cannot open some audio devices such as Roland Octacapture as 16 bit in WASAPI Exclusive mode.

WASAPI Shared mode kills audio in other apps.

Edit tool has inconsistent drop arrow in Mercury theme.

MIDI Chase should support VST3 event bus.

Duplicate Clip command doesn't obey Snap By, only Snap To.

Split tool uses fade-in curve for both fade-in & fade-out.

CPU meters do not work at buffer sizes lower than 1 msec.

Audio engine won't restart when changing latency while Preferences is open.

Scan of VST3 folder should only scan .vst3 files.

Potential crash on app shutdown.

Plug-In Browser search is not functional with FX Chain presets.

See previous release notes

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Thanks Larry.

I updated via BLA which worked fine for the first time in a while (i.e. no manual update required).

The feedback thread is here-->


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