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Mario Branchi

Save clip's tempo map with project

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If you enable audiosnap and edit a clip's tempo map to sync transients with musical beats, the editing is not saved with the project and when you reopen it, all the work done is lost.

I found this thread in the old forum, where it can be deduced that the bug was reported in 2017, but has not been fixed yet:


English is not my mother language, so I find it difficult to explain the bug in detail, please read the above thread for a better explanation of the problem.

To the bakers: is there any chance the bug will be fixed in one of the upcoming releases?

I know I can use melodyne to create a tempo map from an audio file, but in this case it's a piece of classical music which requires surgical adjustments, which I think are possible only editing the tempo map with audiosnap

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No reactions on this topic by anyone.

I guess few people use this feature, so maybe fixing it isn't a priority. It's a pity because it's rather powerful, but at the moment it's incomplete since you have to do all the editing in one session.

Ableton Live and Logic have similar features, but the tempo map gets saved in the project, so you've got all your editing when you reopen it. It should be the case in Cakewalk too.

Anyone using tempo mapping with AudioSnap? Any suggestions or workarounds?

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