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Bob Savage

Trying to turn a loop into a Groove clip - not working


I  record a 4 bar drum part.

  I create a solid loop using these tracks.

I export the tracks.

I import the newly exported file to it's own track and - I have a working loop in the new track.

When I open the Loop Construction tool and click turn  Looping, I am able to drag out my loop to where I want it.

I see the wave of my loop extended out in that track.

Now here's the problem,

 I can't get new extended version  to play.

If I turn off Looping in the Loop Construction tool or in the Groove Clip drop downs , the new repetitions on my new track disappear. 

I have found no way to get the new, extended drum track to play.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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When you say it won't play, do you mean the transport runs, but the track is silent, or the transport won't run, or...?

To simplify the process, and potentially resolve the issue, try this iin place of export > import > loop construction:

- Bounce the tracks to a new track with Source = Buses, and only the Master bus (or some upstream bus to which they all output) selected.

- Select the new clip, and Ctrl+L to enable Groove Clip Looping.

- Roll it out and check playback.


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