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Heinz Hupfer

Shortcut Wishes

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Some wishes for Shortcuts which would make it easier and faster to work:


1. Possibility to type in a number of the track and it is focused, similar to the ","  but with giving just a number and focus it.

     With CAL I can use "TrackSelect", but then it's not focused! Much faster than to use Up and Down with many tracks.


2. Possibility to just select audio and increment or decrement it by an amount. For sure I can keybind GAIN, but if I often

     use 1,2 or 3 dB it is too slow. I have an Autohotkey Shortcut for these changes, but implemented in CbB would be better.

    Here the Autohotkey (Ctrl+7,8,9,0 for -3-1+1+3 dB inc/dec) (F4 is bound to GAIN)


Send {F4}{Tab}-3{Tab 7}-3{Tab 2}{Enter}

Send {F4}{Tab}-1{Tab 7}-1{Tab 2}{Enter}

Send {F4}{Tab}1{Tab 7}1{Tab 2}{Enter}

Send {F4}{Tab}3{Tab 7}3{Tab 2}{Enter}



3. Possibility to open Prochannel in Console with Hotkey from Track View like in Inspector. With hands on Keyboard it's nice to open 

    it with Ctrl+I, but then the focus now is in the Inspector and you can't select any other track with the keyboard until

   you click with the mouse in the track view. (Shift Down and Up helps to focus back to track window) 

  I have an Autohotkey for that, first I have to focus a track and then the hotkey opens the Prochannel in the multidock  

  console. Involve in CbB would be much better! CtrlAlt+ Up for Opening, Ctrl+Alt+Down for closing Prochannel.

Now I can work in PC with Midi Controller and "NOT" Mouse. (I don't like mouse) Ctrl+NUMPAD Enter is bound to

open PC Module.


Send, ,
Send, {Ctrl down}{Shift down}{Left}{Shift up}{Ctrl up}
Send, {Ctrl down}{Shift down}{right}{Shift up}{Ctrl up}
Send, {Ctrl down}{Enter}{Ctrl up}

Send, {Ctrl down}{Enter}{Ctrl up}
Send, {Ctrl down}{TAB}{Ctrl up}



4. Possibility to open PluginWindows or SynthWindows on selected tracks and posssibility to switch between them.

     (Switch between the Plugins and the Synth) (Maybe switch through all plugins and synths)

     I have this with AZController, working perfect with Plugins but not with Synthtracks. Integrated in CbB it would be

    very fast to work with ACT.


5. Possibility to open Flyout Window of PC EQ. 

     Have an Autohotkey for that (mouseclick), but doesn't work always for the modules changes sometimes

   and with that the mouseclick positions. With normal PC it works fine


Click 135,310,1
Send, {PgUp}{PgUp}
Click 165,450,1



6. Possibility to transpose selected notes per octave down and up. Very often I do change notes per octave especially for

     the right chord position in the mix for laydowns and synths, piano a.s.o. Often have to change the lowest note up or the

    highest note down. With Transpose you always have to type in 12 or -12, very nervy!

   I have made a CAL for that and keybound it to Ctrl+NUMPAD 8 and 2, like 8 and 2 changes the notes 1 up and down.

  Would be better without CAL.

7. Possibility to change the velocity with Shortcuts. Have CAL scripts for that and bound to Ctrl+(+/-)+/-1 and

     Ctrl+Shift+(+/-)+/- 3, same as the other shortcuts, better integrated in CbB.

8. Especially for me would be a possibility to give in notes in the PRV like in a staff program, choose the note with keyboard

    (c,d,e,f,g,a,b,), the duration with Numpad, 3,4,5,6,7 for sixteenth to half notes and after giving all in it steps further

    like in steprecord, but with the PC Keyboard. (For sure, better staffview were much better)


That's what I remember for the moment, I think there will be more wishes in future....




Velocity +1.cal TrackSelect.cal Transpose -12.cal Transpose +12.cal Velocity +3.cal Velocity -3.cal Velocity -1.cal

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