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Jim Hurley

pizmidi utilities options needed now

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I just used one of the pizmidi utilities and found it threw an error message saying it had an installation issue (see image).

There is no installation, just make a directory and put them all there.

Turns out an option needs to be modified now that was not needed before. I don't know if this is new or old, I don't use these very much. Anyway the fix is simple.

In the vst folder there is a file 'pizmidi.ini'. Make the following change (in red):


; pizmidi settings

; This file belongs in the same directory as the pizmidi VST plugin files.
; You can customize the loading of the plugins for different hosts.
; The host name is the one reported by the host via getHostProductString().
; If the host reports nothing, put "host=unknown".
; The "bottom octave=n" setting is for octave numbering in plugins which display note names. 
; This sets the displayed number for the lowest octave (containing MIDI note 0). 

; Options are:
; force inst
; force effect
; audio outs
; audio ins
; no audio outs
; no audio ins
; bottom octave=n
; Default settings, put these first:

force inst
audio ins
audio outs
bottom octave=-2

; Then set per host if needed with "host="
; Example:
;force effect
;no audio outs
;no audio ins

force inst
; Jim 2019-Jan-24 made 'no audio ins' for Cakewalk
no audio ins
audio outs
bottom octave=-2




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Thanks for taking time to report the error message and share your fix in the forum.

I'm not familiar with pizmidi utilities.  When I performed an internet search I discovered the utilities appear to have been created by Reuben Vinal and abandoned.  As old as the utilities are do you have an idea how I might acquire a copy of the utilities that I can be fairly confident is bug and malware free?

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