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Francois van der Merwe

Bug I saw in Youtube video

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Hello Guys

A Cakewalk user and Youtube creator made this video and it showcases a bug in the beginning.

This is his feature requests.

"One major thing I faced was sometimes the exported output will have sounds at places that I didn't use. In the beginning of the track in my video there is no snare and hat right? But sometimes it did came. & the reason why I had to export so many times is point 2.

The final exported audio seems different than what I hear in the DAW. The main difference I experienced was with the extreme low end and extreme high end. They felt higher than what I was hearing in the DAW.

And about the improvement, AUTOMATION. Its a pain!!! I was using a plugin with 100s of knobs. Went into automation and I fainted. So many options, that too not named properly (Its a free plugin). It would be great if it was possible to create automation lanes directly by reight clicking and taking the snapshot by right clicking on the knob like we can do with cakewalk's own knobs. It would have helped if the help module pane would atleast show the names of those knobs but it does not."

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