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Looking Forward to my Past

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Absoflippinlutely excellent production.  Another one in a long line of wonderful posts that you have been putting on the form. Excellent video (you must have quite a repository now) that complements the poignant lyrics of the song. The song and particularly instrumental contributions are strong, driving, clear as a bell and the mix sounds very professionally done.  The vocalist has also turned in an excellent performance.  Her presentation was strong but not overwhelming.  I have a bit of a pet peeve of singers that inappropriately hold notes for what seems an eternity at the highest volume possible.  Your vocalist used her voice as part of the overall presentation leading but also complementing the instrumentation and presenting the message of the lyrics. Bravo!  I have a penchant for abusing delay and reverb  ---- so, I particularly liked and appreciated your clever use of delay on the vocals.

Well done!!!!


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Hi Freddy

Thanks for the  very kind comments - almost made me blush!!

On our YouTube Channel we have a lot of videos all current to the last CD we released, Constantly Disappointed Toleration  - the ones  without a proper video (they    just show the album cover at the moment) are all being released this Friday, so if you subscribe to the channel you will get a notification.



For older videos, we have all these on our website



Once  again, thanks so much for the kind comments

keep well my friend



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