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Surface Pro upgrade

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Because so much of my CbB work is being used in animations I'm also building, I'm finding more and more of my work would now more efficiently done on a tablet such as a Surface Pro with a pen. Image manipulation and animation specifically. However, I've stuck to my Desktop Tower PCs over the years because I can get a lot of processing power for cheaper than a laptop, plus my Midi and audio interface cards work in them.

However, I'm wondering if maybe I'm behind the times, and a Surface Pro IS able to run CbB with 20 EastWest Composer Cloud instruments and Sonitus plug-ins using its onboard CPU and audio engine. I've always opted for the tower because it's cheaper for the horsepower I get, but now the infiltration of other stylus and touchscreen-based applications is maybe tipping the scales and it would be worth a little extra. All my document storage is cloud-based, though EastWest Composer Cloud instruments all need to be installed locally (ironic, huh) and are very big. 

Should I be thinking about switching to a Surface Pro so I can run CbC AND drawing tools and animation tools  all on the same system?

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