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Free Hornet Plugins StereoView


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Note: To get the plugin you must share either on Twitter or Facebook.  After having shared the page you'll be able to add the plugin to your cart for FREE


HoRNet StereoView is a plugin designed to help you visualize the stereo image of your tracks.
The design of the plugin is very straightforward and easy to understand since the interface is completely occupied by the “goniometer”: an X-Y graph that displays the intensity of the signal in the stereo field.

StereoView allows you to change between two different views: the default, that we call “fireworks” that shows every sample as a straight line starting from the center, and the one we call “abstract” that connect each sample in the stereo field to the next one creating a continuous “wire”.

Another useful feature of the interface is the ability to be rescaled at will so you can resize it to fill the right spot on your screen.
A goniometer like HoRNet StereoView can be a very handy tool to directly see if your track have any anti-phase issue that may create problems when your track is played in mono, something that happens very often with mobile music listening today.


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