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Oeksound announces soothe2

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soothe2 has been redesigned from the ground up. It will feature a fully revised algorithm, along with a number of new features:

- Completely overhauled processing algorithm
- Full frequency range operation
- Attack and release speed adjustments
- Two different processing modes for different uses
- Full mid/side processing
- Lower latency
- Lower CPU load all-together, along with an even lighter Eco quality setting
- Quality settings can be adjusted separately for offline rendering
- Rewritten graphics rendering to offload most of the GUI drawing to the GPU for improved FPS even on older machines
- Sidechain input

soothe2 has been in the works for a long time, the development starting soon after the release of the original plug-in. Since the original soothe, we've redesigned and reimplemented our whole codebase for better performance and improved maintainability. For soothe2 we've evaluated a lot of excellent ideas and feedback received from the users of soothe. A lot of the ideas have made it into to product. We're grateful for all the feedback and support we've received over these couple of years: thank you!

soothe2 will be released on 23rd of January 2020. The price of the plug-in will be 199€, and we'll be offering an upgrade for the existing soothe owners for 50€.



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