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Can I set Automation write enable for volume only for several tracks at once?


Whenever I set up automation with my control surface, I only automate the volume of specific tracks that need changing during the mix. I right click each track 1 at a time and choose automation write enable. I'd like to be able to select several tracks and set automation write enable for volume for all the selected tracks at once.

Now I can select several tracks and hold Control and hit the "W" and then those tracks are all set for full automation record. I don't like that because I get too many envelope lines and all I want is 1 envelope line - volume. 

You would think that you could select several tracks and then right click one of them and choose write enable and then all would be enabled, yet only 1 is enabled.

Is there another way to do what I want or do I have to continue to select each track 1 at a time and right click and choose write enable.

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