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Now time cursor in Melodyne and CbB not synced

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I recognized  the following now time mismatch between Melodyne (Assistant) and CbB:

Melodyne in clip or track mode:

If you use certain fx plugins in the project, e.g. TS-64 Transient Shaper and/or LP MB the now time cursor in Melodyne will lose synchronisation with the audio playback and with the now time cursor in CbB.  In my case Melodyne is ahead e.g.  half of a measure (see attachment). If you switch off those plugins synchronisation is OK again.


Melodyne in note assignment mode:

Measure 1 in Melodyne starts at the beginning  of the Melodyne clip.  Thus if the clip starts not at measure 1 but later, you can have several measures time difference between Melodyne and CbB.  A workaround for this problem is to move the beginning of the clip to measure 1 and afterwards you make a Melodyne region fx.



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