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Heinz Hupfer

Synth Rack Params

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First of all: Happy new Year:)


2 little Problems:


1. In the Synth Rack I can assign Parameter and even group them, but

Grouping works, but I cannot temporary edit 1 Control of the assigned group with Ctrl+ Mouse or Ctrl+ACT Rotor or Midi Control how it is possible in the console view f.e.


2. If I assign a lot of parameters, I can see 56 params in 2 rows with my monitors. If I want to see more, I have to resize the synth rack window to the left or right.

Couldn't I scroll or make a third row visible? Cannot find any other possibility than resize the window....

For sure it is not often that I have to see so much params, and it is for sure possible to just work by ears, but it's always nice to see what I am doing and if there are with ACT moving the correct parameters.


Thank you a lot;)



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