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Found 16 results

  1. Learn how to record Hip Hop vocals in Cakewalk by Bandlab. I have seen people excited about Abelton getting vocal comping in 2020 and Cakewalk has had it over 7 years now its amazing how a head of the game Cakewalk is...😄 I go over how to setup the daw to record, how to use comping and actual live recording come check it out link below
  2. Its a showdown... FL Studio PRV VS CBB PRV.. Who wins?🤔.. I go over a couple of things that make FL Studio Piano roll so great and see If Cakewalk can match it... Hope this helps people get into Beat making in different DAWs.. FL Studio is not the only DAW out there... Remember that...😄 New video on #youtube come check it out link in bio... Dont forget to Subscribe, like and hit that bell notification Lets go
  3. Momentum by bigfishaudio is a FREE sampler that you can use in Cakewalk tried to cover all that I could to help you guys out... come check it out link in below.. Dont forget to Subscribe, like and hit that bell notification Its a really nice Sampler that is very versatile it will be useful for people that cant afford samplers like Serato Sample... Hope this helps...😄
  4. In this tutorial I cover Articulation maps and key switches in Cakewalk tried to cover all that I could to help you guys out... come check it out ... Dont forget to Subscribe, like and hit that bell notification Lets go..
  5. I made 2 themes to celebrate my 400 subs on youtube they are free to download the link is in the video description. I made a light and dark theme... The dark theme has some elements from Grand Vista Black and Blue by @Canopus . Thanks for making yours so that I can make mine.. I change a few things like the console has blue in the mixer the knobs and meters have been changed but I keep the glossy look.. The light has most of the same elements as the dark I explain in the video.. Free to download and use. I also give some instructions on how to install in the video... Hope this helps and thanks for the support.
  6. This video show you how to use the arps in cakewalk by bandlab. Hope this helps
  7. This is a tutorial about the console view and different parts of it hope this help people get familiar with the console view in Cakewalk.
  8. In this video I go over the step sequencer and a couple of different things it can do.. Hope this helps..😄👍
  9. Since I started my channel on Youtube doing Cakewalk Videos this has been my number one question?....🤔 How did you install that VST?.. So I made a video... Hope this helps people out....😄
  10. In this video I show how to use OMF Files to move files from one DAW to another keeping the timing and files intact. You can use this to transfer and receive files from DAWS like ProTools.. Cubase... Nuendo.. Digital Performer.. And of course Sonar and Cakewalk. I believe Reaper has a work around to use the file in there as well. Hope this helps..😄👍
  11. This is for all the people asking how to slide 808s in Cakewalk... Hope this helps..😄👍
  12. In this video I show you how to pull up and use FL Studio inside of Cakewalk. Let me know If you have any questions.
  13. I wanted to make a beat with the matrix view seeing that you can do audio and midi and people asked about this matrix and could you use it like an MPC so I made this video to show you the step I took to make a Boom Bap beat with the matrix view . Let me know if you have any questions.. 🤔
  14. I have come across users that dont have midi keyboards and still want to be able to play out on there keyboard like in FL Studio. So I made this video to help with using the computer keyboard as a midi controller. Hope this helps
  15. In this tutorial I go over how to use chord generators in Cakewalk by Bandlab. In this video you will see how I use Reason Scales and Chords | InstaChord | Chordz to make chords. I will show step by step how to set it up in cakewalk so that you can make chords faster and easier.
  16. In this video I go over how to export out of cakewalk weather its for a video, track out, stems, waves or MP3. Let me know if you have any questions.
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