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Found 2 results

  1. I have an Alesis DM-10X e-drum set set connected to my DAW for recording drum parts in KbB via Addictive Drums 2. The physical connection is a USB cable from the DM10 module to a USB port on my computer. I have the MD10 module set to send MIDI data in omni mode. Everything has always worked perfectly with the DM10 module. No problems at all. However, I recently got a Behringer X-Touch Universal Control Surface. It too connects to my computer via USB. When doing the initial setup, there did not seem to be any way to specify a MIDI channel, or even omni mode, for the X-Touch. When I was setting up the X-Touch, the DM10 module was off and the X-Touch worked perfectly. But when I turned on the DM10 module, the X-touch disconnected from the DAW and became unresponsive. Does anyone have any ideas why the two USB MIDI devices are conflicting, or know how to resolve the issue? I read somewhere that the X-touch was incompatible with USB 3, so I move it to a USB 2.0 port and still have the same problem. Could it be something as simple as a bad MIDI cable? Or could it be software related in some way, maybe some kind of MIDI conflict? BTW, I could connect the X-touch using an Ethernet connection, but I would rather not have an active NIC port on my DAW if I can avoid that. If possible, I would prefer to have the two USB MIDI devices work happily together. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. --Jay
  2. Hello guys. I’ve created a template with 70+ tracks neatly organised into folders. However it is a nightmare trying to mix this. What I want is a controller to assist me and I´m looking at the x-touch. I know I can scroll through 8 tracks at the time, but what I want to do is scrolling through groups of tracks. Eg. I have 5 vocal tracks, 4 Guitar tracks, 6 synth tracks and 5 percussion tracks. What will happen if I scroll through the tracks the controller will first pick up 5 vocal tracks and 3 guitar tracks, then 1 guitar track, 6 synth tracks and 1 percussion track.. and so forth. What I want is the option to select all my vocal tracks on my first page, then my guitars on the second page, then my synths on the third page... or a combination of tracks, drums and bass, or perhaps even a buss. I was thinking that this could be archived through some clever shortcuts by hiding different tracks, or by using screensets, but I’m not quite sure how this easily cold be set up by using a controller or be integrated in a workflow. Anyone have any tips, to this setup? edit: written on a iphone on a bus from Seville with autocorrect...
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