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Found 6 results

  1. Since VSL's move to iLok there have been a lot of things to get used to. This was a section from Monday's livestream where I went through the process live and it was indeed an experience. Thankfully this feature has been edited some to help with time. I hope you find it helpful. Be on the lookout for more Free Instruments from VSL.
  2. I am still recovering from a wonderful birthday this past weekend and wanted to try and catch up on the latest happenings. The replay is live and turned out to be the longest livestream yet! So many amazing discoveries. Thanks for all of the kind support, I really appreciate it.
  3. This is a great opportunity to pick up the Synchron Piano you have been waiting for. The VSL pianos offer such great detail and choice of mic positions and expression. My favorite up to this point has been the Bösendorfer 280vc Full library, it just has such great versatility. Different demo licenses will be available each week so check them out! More info here: https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Synchron_Pianos_Bundle
  4. I was able to demo a pre-release of this new piano and it definitely has a different sound, being recorded in Stage B which is much smaller than the huge Synchron Stage A. (stay tuned for a livestream soon). Bösendorfer’s new and acclaimed “Vienna Concert” grand piano merges the company’s venerated traditional approach to piano manufacturing with the most recent, sophisticated engineering. The 280VC is completely modern, reimagined from scratch, while remaining true to Bösendorfer’s legendary foundations. Recorded at Stage B of Synchron Stage Vienna True all-rounder, versatile and profound Very distinct, clear, colorful sound Huge dynamic range Multiple Microphone Positions – for a multitude of timbral variations Advanced release sample technology Six pre-configured main presets 21 additional FX presets Heralded as the next-generation concert grand, the 280VC has already proven to be a true all-rounder. Compared to the Bösendorfer Imperial with its additional bass strings, wider soundboard and more orchestral sonic character, the sound of the 280VC is very distinct and clear. You can easily differentiate between the bass, tenor, and treble sections. Beyond that, its huge dynamic range makes this concert grand very versatile. It has the necessary sensitivity to offer supportive accompaniment to singers and solo instrumentalists in chamber music settings, while at the same time it holds its own against the power of a large orchestra in a huge concert hall. In addition, the 280VC boasts the qualities of all Bösendorfer concert grands, such as its diversity of sonic colors and that certain warmth inherent to fine Viennese instruments. Intro price until March 1: Standard Library: €215 (€285) /$258.58 ($342.77) Full Library: €345 (€445) / $414.93 ($535.20) https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Synchron_Pianos_Bundle/Bosendorfer_280VC
  5. Hi! Despite the last update, Bdlb still crashes when deleting an instance of Vienna Synchron Player. Only happens to me with this particular plugin. Enclosed the minidump file. Thanks!
  6. Join me for my walkthrough of the latest expansions to the VSL Big Bang Orchestra: Lyra and Musca! These are very powerful string ensemble libraries. They are available for a special intro price and offering a 30 day demo (USB e-licenser Key required). See you there!
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