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  1. I'm currently using v. 2020.01 on a Creation Station 450v6, i7, running Win. 10 Home and have some concerns about moving to 2020.05. Below are problems that seem to pop up randomly in some of the projects I am currently working on: slider on one of the Console strips failed to follow the Volume envelope on Track 1, other sliders tracked envelopes fine, slider on Trk 1 was stuck at 0 db. I returned to CbB after taking a one hour break and found Transport controls would not respond to w, r, or space bar on keyboard, clicking controls in Transport Module did work. When using the arpeggiator, I was not able to stop it even after shutting off Latch and clicking Reset, had to close CbB. Over the past three months I've experienced five crashes while using Dimension Pro as a plug-in. All occurred when changing from one factory preset to another, problem appears to be random and not related to any particular preset. These problems seem to indicate some instability in CbB, more so than I recall in the later versions of Sonar. Under Preferences>Customization>Color, a number of the colors of various parts of the Track and Console view cannot be changed: e.g. the Hardware Output field is fixed at a shade of blue, the Input fields remain green and can't be changed. and I wrote to Tech support over a year ago about this. This feature used to work in Sonar X3. I have several important projects that are now in the mixing stage, but I feel that I have to keep my fingers crossed each time I turn on my computer and begin a session with CbB. Will 2020.05 correct any of the above problems? BandLab offers a way to revert to older versions, but this is not progress. Has v. 2020.5 been thoroughly tested? Is there a way I can fix any of the problems described above or would it require re-installing the entire program? I would appreciate any advice anyone out there in the community could offer. Please advise.
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