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Found 4 results

  1. actually i was creating mashups by mixing up songs.... but whenever i stretch the song to the project tempo the song started to play in delay mode like one word is playing two times....suppose my project tempo in which i am creating mashup is 80 and the song tempo is 88 and when i stretch the song tempo to 80 it starts delaying..... like i had put a delay plugin after stretch... basically i am changing the tempo from the property tab..... but when i stretch the song in fl studio it do not create any kind of issue.... the song is perfectly stretched and also do not give any kind of time delay like condition... the song remain as it is in original...... for this problem i reinstall windows 2-3 times but still the issue did not resolve..... i dont know m i doing the tempo stretch in right way or not....... if anyone get the issue.... and know about the problem how to stretch properly that it will not go in delay effect after stretching... please help me i am totally frustrated.....
  2. Hello! I have been working with Cakewalk for a while now and I made over 20 songs but I always forgot to adjust the tempo of each project. This is not so handy for dragging vocals around when the grid is not in sync so I am want to adjust the tempo but the project is already created. I make my beats in another DAW so my project only contains samples of my recorded voice, the beat as a sample and some effects. My question is: Will changing the tempo do any time stretching to my project or cause other things that I will need to fix? I hope the project will remain the same. Thank you all in advance for helping🤠💛
  3. Hi folk! Whether you need to make loops fit a track, fix up some messy playing, or change tempo - you may need to stretch audio. In this video we find out how, in Cakewalk by Bandlab WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/ZVOs-8KtYYg
  4. EDT

    One big wish

    It would be really great if the existing capabilities in Cakewalk could be streamlined to provide a really user-friendly and intuitive audio and midi loop creator and time and pitch stretching tool. There appears to be the basis of this in the loop construction window but it far from easy to manipulate audio. I actually can't even work out what showing slices does or how to use them (comparing with Ableton where markers are easily created, deleted, moved, and audio automatically adjusts to fit the correct tempo (and pitch if required)). Maybe I'm just missing something but I've been over it many times and it'still a mystery to me.
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