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  1. Hi All My Name is Nic and I'm new to all this! Obviously I have to Google most of the acronyms (lol) so if you have an answer please keep ot as simple as possible (laymans) OK so this is my setup....(which took 2 weeks to setup😢😭🤣) 1) Midi keyboard (toneport kb37 from line 6)made in USA!!! 2) Sustain pedal (Tec*Nics ) bought from music shop and made in China! 3) Laptop Core i5 , windows 10 , Cakewalk from bandlab (latest version). So I've setup everything mentioned above and all works satisfactory (so far) My Problem is ... I plugged my sustain pedal into the pedal port of the Kb37 , but it isn't registering to sustain the notes played ! If you know how to remedy this please help out! 🙏 You can email me directly if you like .... onlyhvac@gmail.com
  2. Hi. I’m new here and English is not my first language so please understand if there are any mistakes. My sustain pedal stops working in a certain part of my music. It works in other parts but when I start to record a certain part it stops. I erased it and tried again many times but this still happens. Please help me. Is there something wrong with the sustain pedal? Or is it the program? I started weeks ago so I'm really a beginner so I don't know any professional words but I had no where to ask for help .
  3. Hi, y'all. This is my first post here. Was humbly hoping to find some help here regarding a MIDI keyboard problem of mine. I'm not very familiar with all this as I am first and foremost a guitarist, but I'm such a bloody sucker for Hammond organs... But anyway, here's the issue: I recently bought a sustain pedal I was hoping to use both as a sustain pedal and/or expression pedal (or at least as a toggle between chorale and tremolo for the rotary cab in SampleTank 4) and it works - unfortunately simultaneously. Is there a way to "unassign", if you will, the sustain function until I want it active again? I got it working as a toggle switch by using the "MIDI Learn" function appearing as an option when rightclicking the little selector switch at the bottom of the "Rotary" effect strip, and then engaging my sustain pedal. Gear: MIDI keyboard: Evolution MK-36 1C by M-Audio Sustain pedal: Supreme SSP-2 (couldn't find any decent info about it online), but it's very simple. Connects with a 1/4" plug and has a polarity switch. Although I guess they are quite universal the two switchable modes are marked with Yamaha and Casio respectively. PC/software specs: latest version, standard free edition of Sonar if that matters, W10, Sampletank 4 free version, with the included Hammond-type organ. Most grateful for any advice or tips, so thanks in advance! /Ben
  4. I have looked through all the threads. I plug my sustain pedal into my controllers. I have a M-Audio Keystation 61 and an Novation Impulse 49. The pedal is inverted on both of them with every VST. I tried everything like making sure I had no shortcuts assigned...etc. I am using Windows 10 with a Focusrite Scarlett 4i4. It seems that even on certain VSTs like Omnisphere that I can learn a MIDI command I cannot get it to do anything but be on when off and turn off when stepped on. If I try lo learn it inverted in Omnisphere it just keeps it on all the time and won't shut it off. Any clues>
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