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Found 9 results

  1. When I go to run from start it won't start but when I go to uninstall I get the following error?
  2. G'day! TL;DR: What are Bandlabs intentions with regards to being able to financially support the company? Merch? Hardware releases? Plugins? Cakewalk Mastering Suite? Paid Sample Packs? Company investment opportunities? Patreon with insider details on updates & direct chat to developers? <snip> Cheers
  3. Hi, over half a year ago I acquired a new mail address. I changed the mail address within my cakewalk account and have never received a verification mail as stated on the homepage. I got a new Mac for music production and I'm not able to install any cakewalk product at all since then.. On the cakewalk homepage there is no way to create a new account - this feature is disabled since. I've got no clue how to access my purchased software as of now. What am I now supposed to do? Kind Regards, Julian
  4. Hello, I'm having trouble getting Cakewalk to output audio to my computer's 3.5mm jack. My goal is to mimic what I was able to do with GarageBand on OSX; connect my guitar through a USB interface, play with GarageBand's amp emulator, listen through my 3.5mm headphones directly from the computer. My setup: Guitar -> Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen (Input) -> Cakewalk v2021.04 (build 175, 64b) -> Scarlett Solo (output) I am able to hear output audio from the Scarlett Solo 6.5mm jack, but for convenience it would be nice to use my computer audio. I'm just learning and trying to get the most simple practice setup I can on Windows. For starters, Cakewalk recognizes my Scarlett as the only audio device. Is there a way to add the windows audio drivers here?
  5. I bought the thoman studio starterkit 2014.31.10. It included Sonar X3 LE which had some good VSTs i want to use (even its not the updated version). Because I had to set up my PC new, Cakewalk Sonar x3 LE was deleted from my PC and i lost my serial key for it. I wanted to verify it again, but I can't find the product key and cant access my account because I didn't visit the account before 2014 and the registration is disabled now. there is also no email support. what can I do? im hobby musician and student so i rly dont have the money to buy the VSTs as standalone... besides... I already bought it.... i rly would love to have some support contact... thank you for your help! Max
  6. Hello, I am new user of Cakewalk and when i started to learning it just figured out that something is wrong a digged a lot of topics and still cannot find the answer why my cakewalk doesnt record the sound in it. Here is a link to yt video where i present all of my settings https://youtu.be/9prwrg5bNns please let me know if there is something i can do Thanks in advance Jakub
  7. I'm using the Cakewalk Shared Instruments inside of Reason 10 and I noticed that the GUI for the instruments and the effects will not show. I've tried several trouble shooting and also saving the GUI images to the native VST folder. Reason has a system folder that saves all information about the Vst/Vsti and I also saved the files there. Nothing has worked so far and I don't know exactly how to reach technical support for Cakewalk directly to get an answer. Who can I contact to help with this issue please?
  8. Just purchased a MOTU M2 Audio Interface. It shows up in the list of devices, but it appears to be disabled. That said, I am unable to select it as an input device. Is the MOTU M2 supported by Cakewalk?
  9. I have been searching online and have been reading the Cakewalk and NI Forums for about a couple of days and the only thing I was able to do was to make my Maschine into a mulitimbral synth. Is there any chance that Maschine2 and the hardware (Maschine MK) will be integrated in the future? I provided a picture to show what I have done in it lol. I don't know if it says much but hey at least I gave it a go
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