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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, I came across what I believe to be a bug. I'm reaching out to see effects everyone and not just me. Here is the problem: When in the "Start Screen", selecting the "Recent Projects" or "New Project" tab, you are presented with a list of projects or templates. Right now I'm just going to talk about the "New Project" tab. If you have more that 8 templates (and up to 16), the window is supposed to allow you to scroll down the window to select the templates that do not fit in the window of the "Start Screen". This is the way it is supposed to work. On my CW (cakewalk), what happens once I have more that 8 templates is that I can see the top of the icon for number 9, but I can not get to it. It appears that there is a "scroll strip" to the right of the window, but no handle to grab to move the window list up or down. [ and the up & down arrows or pg up/dwn have no effect ] I'm using a different theme from the normal included ones - so I set my CW back to Tungsten and this made no difference. Still did not works correctly. Now I am in contact with support about this right now, but I want to find out if this is a general problem with the software or if it is only me having the problem. Thanks to all that respond, Syphus
  2. I was adding a new template to the "Start Screen" under "New Project". Once done, I wanted to change the icon (graphic) associated with it. I have looked in the documentation and I am not finding the info. So - Does anyone know how you would go about doing this? I see others (selections) have an icon? . . . Thanks, Syphus
  3. Larry Jones

    Start Screen Location

    Is there any way for the user to specify where the Start Screen appears? I use two monitors side-by-side, with the Cakewalk GUI spread across both. When the Start Screen pops up in the middle of the dual display, the two bezels form a block right down the middle of the SS and I have to move it before I can use it. Outside of CbB, Windows remembers where things are and puts them back there even after a restart, so it seems as if there might be a way for this same thing to happen inside of CbB. Thanx!
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