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Found 2 results

  1. I've run into a problem with using the Staff View. I was adding notes to the end of a measure on one of my tracks. When I did add the notes to the end of said measure, those notes were added to the end of EVERY measure on the track I was composing on. How do you stop Cakewalk from doing that. I already tried contacting technical support and am waiting to hear back from them. Any ideas on how to fix the problem would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, Christian Monti
  2. I noticed a peculiar discrepancy between note events shown in staff view and note events shown in PRV and Event List this morning and ran a simple test project to get to the bottom of it. Here is what I observed: In both a MIDI and an Instrument track, I recorded a note for sixteen measures from measure 2 to measure 17. Staff View, PRV, and Event List were all in agreement. Go to PRV and extend to eight more measures of the same note. The note is now extended to the correct length in the clip in Track view, is correct in Event List, and appears to be extended eight measures in Staff View at first, but if I move the horizontal slider square from full left slowly to the right to where the first measure on the left of the screen is 19 the note disappears--nothing on the staff from measure 17 on. If you play the clip all the way through to measure 26 you can hear the extended note even though it doesn't appear on the staff. I've had the experience of notes disappearing or not indicating they've been extended when they are represented as lines in a clip in Track View, but I always expected there would be good synchronization between Piano Roll View and Staff View. Am I doing something wrong or is it the program? I am using CbB v. 2022.06 running with Windows 10 21H1.
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