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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I recently had a hard drive crash and had to do a fresh install of Windows 10 and everything else (Might upgrade to Windows 11 while I'm putting things back together.) Anyway, typically I have had all the versions of Sonar installed that I own on this computer I'm working on. (X1 through the last update of SPlat in Command Center.) Can all any of you seasoned users tell me if this is necessary? I'm wondering if there are some VST's or Virtual Instruments or library sounds from the older versions X1-X3 (I think I have had the 'Producer' version of each of them) that I would lose by not installing X1-X3. I'm not too worried about older versions of Sonar for older projects or loops, and I am already installing all my third party instruments and effects...I'm mostly just wondering if anyone knows if I'll be missing any 'stock' instruments or effects that didn't carry over from previous versions? Thanks for your help, Matt
  2. Hi - I am suddenly unable to have either Cakewalk or Sonar Platinum 'see' and midi data from my Roland A-800 controller, when everywhere else - Midi Ox running on desktop, stand-alone synths, VST hosting software, all other programs are properly 'seeing' and reacting to midi note on/off events transmitted by the controller. I have restarted Cakewalk, and Sonar Platinum, no change. I have physically pulled and reconnected the midi controller's USB cable to the computer, no change. Also no change turning the midi controller off/on while still connected by the USB cable to the computer. The midi controller (Roland A-800 Pro) IS selected in Midi Devices in Preferences. Again, there is no problem with the controller, as far as other programs behaving as expected and reacting to midi note events when pressing keys on the controller. Lastly, if I play notes with my mouse, in plugin synth instances with keyboards in their UI, the notes trigger proper playing of those note events, so the plugins are working properly in Cakewalk/Sonar, but NOT when I play notes on the midi controller. And, this all just started happening yesterday. I am at a loss, and HOPING you folks can help me figure out what the heck caused this, and how to resolve it. a PROFOUNDLY hopeful - Bob Bone
  3. I'm running SPLAT on Windows 10 (version 1903, OS build 18362.959), 32 GB RAM, AMD Ryzen 3.7 GHz. I have three drives: System C:\ (232 GB), an SSD for Sound Libraries and another SSD for finished songs (1TB each). I have maxed out my C:\ and have more VST files to load. Do I: 1) Get a larger drive and migrate all my C:\ data to it? 2)Migrate program files in C:\ to one of my SSDs? 3)Another option of which I'm currently unaware. With any data migration, how do I tell SPLAT where to look for the files in the new location? Thank you, Twanghang
  4. I finally just started using CbB; had stayed with SPlat. I thought that with a new program install that it might get rid of a problem I have been suffering with. But nooooooo. I have been trying to add a vocal to a song after producing the instrumental backing. But it crashes in the middle of playback with an "unhandled exception" error. This usually happens on the second playback. And I find it also happens on previous songs which were okay when originally produced. The error message states: "Module: c\program files\cakewalk\vstplugins\Dimension Pro\Dimension Pro x64.dll." That makes me wonder if the problem is with DM Pro rather than Cakewalk. However, I noticed at least one time it referred to TTS-1. I wonder if this could be caused by a computer cleanup program I subscribed to called "System Mechanic." Right after I purchased it, I saw it automatically cleaning the computer, including the registry. I never had this problem with Sonar before that, but I can't directly relate it. What should I do to be able to use either Sonar or Cakewalk? Right now, both are useless. Maybe at least a new installation of DM Pro? Any help much appreciated.
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