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Found 4 results

  1. Hello friends, I'm new to Cakewalk. I have quite some knowledge about producing, mixing and mastering with Reason 12. I would like to work with cakewalk now. I use SoundID from Sonarworks to calibrate my sound. SoundID has the ability to create an output specifically for DAWs.In the audio options of the DAW you can choose SoundID asio device. That way, both your headphones and your speakers are calibrated . I could easily do that within Reason. Cakewalk doesn't work for me. In the Audio settings I see the inputs and outputs of sonarworks asio, but they are greyed out. So I can't choose them unfortunately. That means I can't use sonarworks calibration with Cakewalk the way I want. And yes, there is also a plugin that you can insert into the master bus , but I don't find that very useful and sometimes causes problems. Anyone recognize this? And does anyone know how I can choose the sonarworks asio driver as input and output? I would like that very much.
  2. Hello fellow musicians, I know that headphone mixing will never be ideal, but I´m trying to make the best out of it. After testing Sonarworks Reference 4 and Toneboosters Morphit, I came up with 2 very different results, and they are so radically different that I´m sure one of them must be way better than the other, or at least it seems that they would bring up VERY different results for mixing and even more for mastering With both of them set to my specific cans (Sony MDR 7506 plugged in a MOTU): Morphit sounds very nice and full, very pleasant to hear and a setting that could sure be used to correct the phones for monitoring or listening to everyday music. On the other hand, Reference 4 sounds really "boring" flat, not full and overall dull. (like the general consensus says an ideal mixing reference should be.) Now, listening to one mix with Morphit it sounds very close to ready, but with Reference 4 it seems like there´s still a lot of eq and frequency boosting to be done. I know by heart and read a lot about the importance of a flat reference to mix, but if it is totally or as flat as possible, would it not lead to an "exaggerated" mix result? Because as I said earlier, I would have to boost a loot of frequencies to make the mix sound on Reference 4 as good as it sounds on Morphit. Can anybody shed some light on the subject? Because for me is a real mystery how both products are sold like THE solution for headphone mixing, but sound REALLY different. Cheers!
  3. With the latest updated we did complete revamp of the Systemwide app and reworked mixed-phase filter to deliver accurate frequency response without introducing significant latency. The update also includes on-demand headphone profile downloads and additionally supported headphone profiles. Buy selected Reference 4 products at a special price on June 10-16 Summer Sale
  4. After extensive bug-squashing Reference 4.2 is ready for you to use! This time we’ve finally addressed the age-old issue of having to remember to switch-off the plug-in when rendering. Here's what's new: A notification added in several DAWs that reminds users to turn off calibration when rendering is detected Output device changes for Systemwide handled more consistently, remembers the choice you make about which devices to calibrate and what volume is preferred Various visual UI improvements You can see the full list of changes HERE There is a number of DAW’s which don’t communicate that they’re rendering a project, which is why we can’t cover everyone. Contact their developers and ask for this feature, we’re pretty sure that other plug-in companies would be able to do interesting with it as well. As always download the latest version HERE
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