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Found 2 results

  1. I'm having a problem I hope you can help me with. I have some old pieces in which I used SFZ+. I need to reassign those parts to another soundfont player since SFZ+ won't work in Win 10. I tried to open one of the pieces on my current system but CbB says it can't find SFZ+. This is what appears in the Synth Rack: Notice I have SFZ+ running, but above that it cannot find what seems to be a different version whose name is "rgc:audio sfz+". My running copy is v 1.10 VST. Does anyone have any idea what the other one is? That's the one that will let me see what files and patches I used so I can move them to Juicy SF, which is 64-bit and works perfectly in CbB. Thanks for any help you can offer. (I wish René Ceballos would take his program back and update it. It was so much easier having one instance of a program with multiple outputs...)
  2. Hi, I know this might be a long shot but does anyone have the above files for Rapture (it's specifically the Rapture versions that I need, not Rapture Pro, Dim Pro or any of the other expression engine synths). Unlike some of the other CW synths listed above these sfz's don't seem to be created on install but will still be read and override the internal defaults if created. Rene distributed example files a couple of times on the old CW forums to help out users experiencing problems but the links are now long dead and unfortunately not archived in the wayback machine. If anyone has a copy of those two files tucked away somewhere, I'd love to see the contents. I want them mostly to help in deciphering the eg, lfo and 'expanded cc' settings but also thought it might be nice to play around with different settings until I come up with a set of defaults that I want to keep permanently, if that makes sense). i don't want to just roll my own without basing it on an existing template though, for fear of breaking something without realising it. TIA!
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