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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, So I have a simple session open, just acoustic and vocals, and when I put Abbey Rd reverb on a send (for either track) it distorts like mad, horrible fuzz sound. As soon as I switch it off, the song sounds normal again.... any other reverb works perfectly, and Abbey Rd works in other DAWs on my computer... Is there a specific Abbey Rd issue with Cakewalk that I'm unaware of? Many thankls for any ideas :) Craig
  2. New session, new issue. Shouldn't there be a checkmark on the dropdown since I have a send on this track? As you can see, the send does exist on the track but when I right click to see it from the context menu, it doens't have a checkmark next to the send. It did it before. Is this a bug or am I missing something?
  3. I love Cakewalk - I've been using the Sonar version forever, and now I've switched over to Bandlab! Great work, BandLab! But I have a problem. I have a project that is now responding as if it is corrupt -- on some tracks the pan and send controls are way off. All of them have reset to center - even though if you solo that channel, you can clearly hear that it's panned to either left, right, center, or somewhere in between. And if you try to correct the pan control to move the dial to where you visually want to hear the signal, some weird behavior occurs. For example, if the track was initially panned hard left before the corruption, then 12:00 on the dial has now become "hard left". I move the nob all the way to the right (5:00), it does hard pan the signal to the right. If I then move the nob back to 12:00, the signal is panned hard left. To get the signal to actually come out of both speakers (i.e., center), I need to have the pan control at about 3:00. And turning the nob any farther to the left of 12:00 doesn't help -- the channel's signal is still panned hard left (like it is when the pan control is at 12:00). The exact opposite occurs when I start with a channel that was initially panned hard right before the corruption occurred. A similar wierdness is happening to the send controls. Every send control is now set at 3:00 (even though the underlying send amounts vary). It's a rather large project with lots of midi, animation and plugins, so I really don't want to restart the mix from scratch. Any ideas? Thanks. Don
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