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Found 3 results

  1. Okay. So there's this feature called 'Cut itself' in FL studio. It basically stops playing an instrument/sound if 2 notes are close to each other, and the timeline reaches the second note. (In the piano roll view). I would like to use the feature for 808s. The mix gets really muddy with 2 808 notes playing over each other. I have tried Tx16wx and quite a few other samplers but they don't seem to have this either. I'd appreciate some help
  2. Hello CbB users: To cut to the chase: I can't get my fully registered Vsampler (by Speedsoft) to run properly in Cakewalk by Bandlab. In the past it has always run well, and I think (but I'm not sure) that the problem has nothing to do with Cakewalk but with the Vsampler's site having disappeared from the Web. My questions are these: 1. Does anyone else own a copy of Vsampler who has found a fix for this? 2. If not, can anyone recommend a fully functioning soundfont player. The free ones I've tried don't come close to doing what Vsampler did. Vsampler has a full suite of tools that allows one to create, tune, and shape soundfonts and to play them without additional synth additives. I need this because many, many of my old projects used Soundfonts and I am unable to edit those projects or remix them without either Vsamp or a viable substitute. Kind regards, Cam My music -- www.soundclick.com/camsevensong
  3. Hi everyone, I have this weird problem with BlueArp... BlueArp seems to be playing my sample based instruments as well as the instrument I have set it to. The really weird thing is, this problem only reveals itself when I export the audio! Just for info... BlueArp is set up with input = Virual Controller Omni , output = None The instrument (correctly) driven by BlueArp has input = BlueArp Omni , output = Master My samplers (Sitala for drums and Grace) have input = Omni , output = Master Just to be clear, when I play the mix through Cakewalk as usual, everything sounds fine, it's only when I export the audio and play it back that I hear the weird behaviour. Many thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this! Cheers :-) I've just found out...I can reproduce the behaviour in Cakewalk by setting the Sampler input to All Inputs Ch1. Then BlueArp seems to play the sampler as it does when I export audio. It's doubly weird how this only happens to the sampler instruments.
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