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  1. I reopened a project where I spent the entire afternoon building a beat with a sampler (Sitala) but now all audio information is gone. The edited samples are literally vanished (the original are still in my drive tho). The MIDI information is still stored and if I click on the palette icon Sitala doesn't boot up anymore. When I saved the project everything worked fine, then this evening I boot up the PC and this **** happened. I'm extremely frustrated, especially because it can happen again if I don't know the cause, any help?
  2. So I am trying to compose music in my free time, and I have chosen Cakewalk. I have several samples (.ogg and .wav) for instruments, and I want to use them to make sounds. I had experimented this with another Daw - LMMS, and the samples work perfectly there in accord to the midi information, though LMMS lacks in mixing and synthesizing options, which is why I decided with CbB, as it looks quite... complex... so I thought it would be better in mixing etc. I have loaded the samples into the "media" tab in Cakewalk now, but when I drag it in, it shows the "audio" track, not a midi track, like how it is in LMMS. I tried creating a "midi track" and then dragging the .ogg/.wav on that, but then the piano roll does show up, but with no sound. How do I create a working midi with samples? I have unsuccessfully browsed every possible thing that could give me the answer... with no luck. I understand, from whatever I read, this has something to do with samplers and stuff I don't know how to do. So can someone please explain me how to do it? Thanks in advance...
  3. https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/virtual-instruments/tracktion-collective Free IK Multimedia T-RackS Tape Machine 24 included, no additional discount
  4. https://hy-plugins.com/product/hy-slicer2/ Intro price until June 27th
  5. One thing that really annoys me a lot about cakewalk is that it doesn't has a sampler and not just sampler bandlab needs to update their plugins like most of the plugins look ancient
  6. If you want to try sampling and already tried tx16wx and found it to be to much... Try Grace sampler. It works with CbB and is one of the easiest samplers to understand. (In my opinion). http://www.onesmallclue.com/plugin/grace/ PS. It is freeware.
  7. I haven’t checked it out but bandlab has a sampler that now comes with the daw. I wonder if it is a vsti and could be used with cakewalk? Or whether it will be imported?
  8. Hello Dear Cakewalk developers. I'd like to talk about such an important thing as a sampler. It's very lacking, especially when you write arrangements. Third-party samplers are not an option, because there is no direct synchronisation with DAW. Please think about my request and add a sampler to Cakewalk if possible. In Ableton and Cubase, it's very cool done. I'd appreciate it if you could add what many people ask for! All the best
  9. Glitchmachines Palindrome for $10, Subvert for $5 at Pluginboutique until April 18th. I can vouch for Palindrome having one the coolest-looking UI's of any plug-in, in contrast to GM's usual businesslike arrays of knobs. Reminiscent of the arcade game Tempest.
  10. Momentum by bigfishaudio is a FREE sampler that you can use in Cakewalk tried to cover all that I could to help you guys out... come check it out link in below.. Dont forget to Subscribe, like and hit that bell notification Its a really nice Sampler that is very versatile it will be useful for people that cant afford samplers like Serato Sample... Hope this helps...😄
  11. There has been several requests in the Feedback Loops forum section requesting the addition of an integrated sampler into Cakewalk by BandLab. Perhaps it would be faster and easier if Cakewalk integrated an existing sampler rather than developing one in house. Big Fish Audio introduced a free sampler called Momentum. According to Big Fish Audio, Momentum Here is a webpage that offers a deeper description and video links. I've created a poll for use as a guide to help BandLab develop a feel for how much desire exists for an integrated sampler. Thank you in advance for responding to the poll and for your comments.
  12. I was wondering if Bandlab can add a built-in sample into Cakewalk. I know you can use a sampler plugin (like ADSR Sample Manager, or Komplete Kontrol), but it gets very time consuming to put the plugin onto the track, then open the plugin, then drag the sample onto the sampler. If Bandlab does add a feature like this, I was thinking of a drag and drop type thing where you can drag a sample into the track pane and it will automatically become editable in the piano roll. Also, if you drag it into the clips pane, it will just create a new track with that specific audio clip. That's just my idea that I thought would be really useful.
  13. One Small Clue has made their percussion sampler Poise free of charge. https://www.onesmallclue.com/index.html They also are the developers of a good free sampler called Grace. https://github.com/s-oram/Grace/releases/
  14. I think we really need new sampler to use it in Cakewalk. In world of free software I really like TX16WX which can be used not as a sample player but really as a sampler. https://www.tx16wx.com/ - link to TX16WX. This is a great free sampler which main task is to make samples, not to work with libraries, etc. It can be used with everything. I use it nowadays for drums which I like to play on midi pads at home. We had Session Drummer which really needs to be updated. I think modern music needs samplers with MPC workflow. On other hand we have Addictive Drums/Session Drummer for those who need real acoustic drums. We also had old plugins for this task. But nowadays do we really need to buy NI Battery? S1 users have a great Impact Drum Module and Ableton Live users can use Drum rack or Impulse drum sampler. I think Cakewalk needs its own thing to use.
  15. I may say that i'm in some retro, but here's another sampler that I would like to use: https://soniccharge.com/forum/topic/433-a-blast-from-the-pas - it's called Cyclone, which is based on Yamaha TX16W Sampler. The most needable feature is to record samples in it... But there's no way to sample VST and other stuff. http://forum.cakewalk.com/Solved-How-to-use-vocoder-in-SONAR-m3506514.aspx - There's a thread about using TAL Vocoder in Sonar. Today I am trying to record my bass guitar to Cyclone Sampler. Because there's no feature like send VSTi audio to VSTi, it's gonna be a little complicated. 1. I insert Cyclone as audio FX 2. I enable MIDI input in that 3. Enable Echo input of my bass guitar 4. Starting to sample, I setup gain level in that sampler. 5. I see indicators are moving. And then... 6.White noise sound. So does anybody can share their tips?
  16. Hi there. AIR Music has Transfuser 2 which was used in Pro Tools to slice beats, make drum samples, etc. Transfuser 2 I've got it on Plugin Boutique and still using it in my DAWs. I would like also to share my TouchOSC layout for it. I'll be doing some update soon. I've set drum pads (MIDI ch. 10) with 3 rotaries, 6 smart knobs and main section with Master Pitch and Master Volume. Layout link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Au2bDwwlo47ogpF768qzbvhJoK9vEw
  17. Hi there. After updating Cakewalk and few days ago TX16WX sampler I’ve got a new problem. When I choose to set one sound (Kick) to out 1 and then take another sound (snare) to out 2 there’s no sound happening on out 2 and others. I’ve routed it in Cakewalk with audio track. Checked this in Reaper. Everything is fine.
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