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Found 24 results

  1. Six Plugins for Creative Effects The Audio Damage Creative Effects Bundle brings together six of Audio Damage's top-quality FX plugins. Featuring multi-effects, reverbs, delays, pitch shifting, filter effects and distortion units, the Creative Effects Bundle provides everything you need to enhance your productions and add a touch of uniqueness to your mix. More details on the discounted bundle here
  2. Get 10% off the Blue Cat Re-Head Headphone Response Plug-In at: http://www.digifreq.com/digifreq/newsinfo.asp?NewsID=5193 And find more discounts at: http://www.digifreq.com/digifreq/deals.asp
  3. Get 10% off the Blue Cat Audio Analysis Plug-Ins at: http://www.digifreq.com/digifreq/newsinfo.asp?NewsID=5189 And find more discounts at: http://www.digifreq.com/digifreq/deals.asp
  4. Get 10% off of the Blue Cat Audio Protector Limiter Plug-In at... http://www.digifreq.com/digifreq/newsinfo.asp?NewsID=5091 And find more discounts at: http://www.digifreq.com/digifreq/deals.asp
  5. Get 10% off of the Blue Cat Audio AcouFiend Feeback Simulation Plug-In at... http://www.digifreq.com/digifreq/newsinfo.asp?NewsID=5161
  6. Get 10% off of the Blue Cat Audio AcouFiend Feeback Simulation Plug-In at... http://www.digifreq.com/digifreq/newsinfo.asp?NewsID=5161
  7. For just $29.99 (instead of $199.99), get RedVerb 2, an incredibly versatile reverb plugin by Schulz Audio! RedVerb 2 ships with thousands of top of class presets. It’s hybrid engine and well thought out user interface enable intuitive adjustment of all sonic aspects. Classic, modern, experimental RedVerb 2 is available as a VST/AU/AAX plugin, as well as a standalone application for Windows and Mac. This is a limited time offer you should not miss, hurry and save! Deal Page: https://audioplugin.deals/redverb-2-by-schulz-audio/ Deal Ends: May 26th 2020 KEY FEATURES Available as VST, AU and AAX (Pro Tools) and stand-alone More than 1300 factory presets Preset browser High quality, high performance hybrid reverb engine Runs on macOS & Windows 32 bit & 64 bit Host support
  8. Get 10% off all Blue Cat Audio products at DigiFreq... http://www.digifreq.com/digifreq/deals.asp#BlueCatAudio
  9. Hey guys! I really hope this helps!
  10. Hey guys, I've just uploaded a new video on reverb. It covers a lot of ground, from beginner - how to use it, what do all these knobs and dials do - to discussing how reverb is used creatively in a mix. Check it out. P.S. this tutorial is done in Studio One, but the ideas and principles apply within cakewalk as well.
  11. Get 10% off ALL Blue Cat Audio Plug-Ins --- discount code: DIGIF008 https://www.bluecataudio.com/ And find more discounts at: http://www.digifreq.com/digifreq/deals.asp
  12. Nice sounding free reverb comparable to some commercial products. Page link: https://github.com/michaelwillis/dragonfly-reverb Direct download links: 64 bit VST 32 bit VST MacOS Linux A small thread on VI Control regarding this... https://vi-control.net/community/threads/dragonfly-reverb-very-nice-free-reverb.77946/ Edit - Update!: Michael has released another nice reverb (also free) - "Dragonfly Room" ! More info in posts below. June 4th update: Dragonfly Room 2.0.0 release candidate is now available. If no major bugs are reported, this will be promoted to an official 2.0.0 release. Direct download links: 64 bit Windows 64 bit MacOS 64 bit Linux June 21st, 2019 update: Version 2.0.0 is now official, and finally there is a proper landing page: https://michaelwillis.github.io/dragonfly-reverb Direct download links: 64 bit VST 32 bit VST MacOS & Linux Feb 7, 2020 update: 2.91 beta is out - further information from Michael below Feb 19, 2020 update: v3 RC released DragonflyReverbRoom, DragonflyHallReverb, and new DragonflyEarlyReflections! Feb 29, 2020 update: Dragonfly Reverb Version 3.0.0 has been officially released! - further information from creator Michael Willis below
  13. Just checked the IK website and it looks like they have finally released their Sunset Sound Studio Reverb! I can't wait to be able to see and hear how it goes. Check it out here: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/trsunsetsound/
  14. Get 10% off Blue Cat's MB-7 Mixer Plug-In 3.32 --- discount code: DIGIF008 https://www.bluecataudio.com/Products/Product_MB7Mixer/ And find more discounts at: http://www.digifreq.com/digifreq/deals.asp
  15. Get 10% off Blue Cat's Late Replies MultiFX 1.41 Plug-In --- discount code: DIGIF008 https://www.bluecataudio.com/Products/Product_LateReplies/ And find more discounts at: http://www.digifreq.com/digifreq/deals.asp
  16. Get 10% off Blue Cat's Late Replies 1.4 Creative Delay, Reverb Plug-In --- discount code: DIGIF008 https://www.bluecataudio.com/Products/Product_LateReplies/ And find more discounts at: http://www.digifreq.com/digifreq/deals.asp
  17. Get 10% off all Blue Cat Audio products - use code: DIGIF008 https://www.bluecataudio.com/
  18. The updated version of TAL-Reverb-4 comes with a freshly designed user interface and implements multiple algorithm updates which were aimed at improving the sound quality. The plugin is now more flexible, providing direct control over multiple algorithm parameters like modulation amount and rate, reverb diffusion, and room size. This allows the user to customize TAL-Reverb-4’s plate reverb algorithm to better suit a wider variety of sound sources and mixing scenarios. https://tal-software.com/products/tal-reverb-4
  19. From April 2, 2019 through April 30, 2019, 25% off selected plugins. Log in to your account and apply the following code at checkout: inwtnew_2019 https://www.acustica-audio.com/pages/specials/in-with-the-new-spring-2019
  20. "SIR Audio Tools" has released SIR3, the long-awaited successor of the famous SIR2 reverb plugin. The new plugin has been developed in close collaboration with users of the previous version and provides many new useful capabilities. Coupon Code: ZXT99 (25% Discount **) 33 excellent HDIR models SIR3 now comes with 33 excellent HDIR models made by Pinguin Ingenieurbüro from Hamburg. The models are known for their high dynamic range and their exact natural fidelity. Modulation section The plugin was improved on almost every aspect. The very flexible modulation section allows you transform certain parts (head or tail section) in the time domain. It contains a multi-stage delay with random pitch modulation and random amplitude modulation in the feedback path. Dynamics section Transform the audio signal with a rich set of dynamic processing opportunities like gating and ducking. So you can do things like gated reverberation, or ducking the wet signal with the dry signal, directly inside the plugin. In addition, the possibilities of envelope processing were further expanded. Use a Volume, Low-Pass, High-Pass, Width and Pan-Envelope to modify the impulse in a natural or creative way. Furthermore, the software works with very low CPU consumption and zero-latency processing. SIR3 is available for Mac OS X and Windows in Audio Unit, AAX, VST2 and VST3 plugin formats. More information at: https://www.siraudiotools.com/SIR3.php
  21. LUSTROUS PLATES Reverb by Liquid Sonics 7 UNIQUE PLATES AND MORE Liquid Sonics Lustrous Plates combines dynamic spectral capture with fusion synthesis to create the most stunning plate reverb plugin you’ve ever heard! It features seven unique plates and the ability to manipulate them in ways that no other reverb plugin can. Everything Bundle members will add incredible depth and space to their mixes with Lustrous Plates! Lustrous Plates Reverb
  22. our Winter Holiday Promo will be active all of December and into the first week of January... Precedence: $74.95. - Save $75 - 50% off during extra feature development, see below! Breeze 2.1: $99.95. - Save $50 - 33% off, see below! Aether: $149.95. - Save $100! - 40% off! B2: $149.95. - Save $100! - 40% off! Kaleidoscope: $149.95. - Save $100! - 40% off! The Perfect Storm 3.5: $349.95. - Save $150! 30% off the bundle, 70% off products! Everything: $449.95. - Save Big! Add Kaleidoscope to Perfect Storm for only $100 more! https://2caudio.com/promo/2018holiday/
  23. backwoods

    u-he twangstrom

    lee than 24 hours to release and end of intro offer: Hej, we think we've finished finalizing Twangström, and our plan is to officially release it tomorrow. But we'd like to be real sure, so we need your fast help here. Please grab one of these installers and put that thing through its paces: Mac: https://uhedownloads-heckmannaudiogmb.n ... 89_Mac.zip Windows: https://uhedownloads-heckmannaudiogmb.n ... 89_Win.zip Linux: https://uhedownloads-heckmannaudiogmb.n ... nux.tar.xz Changes: - 'Bright' mode for the spring tank implemented (downsamples to 22/24kHz instead of 11/12kHz thus preserving more treble) - Reduced the CPU consumption by around 40% - Finalized the additional content & updated the manual Thanks & cheers, Sascha Quick Addendum: - this is revision 8189 (if you're unsure what you got, check this number in the UI) - the beta serial does not work in this version anymore (it isn't a beta...) - some time tomorrow (around noon CET), if all goes well, the price will flip from 49€ to 69€
  24. Originally posted yesterday by Fleer on old forum http://forum.cakewalk.com/Audiority-Xenoverb-10-m3807393.aspx thought he might post it here but guess not. Audiority Xenoverb $10 https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/3780-XenoVerb More info on creator's web site: https://www.audiority.com/shop/xenoverb/
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