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Found 6 results

  1. I don't think the background of the FX Chain window or the background of the FX Chain name (similar to the Synth Rack Name Bezel) can be changed by a theme. Any themer out there managed to figure this out? I'm stumped.
  2. It's too good to be true that Cakewalk is free. The fact that Cakewalk isn't open source leads me to believe that Bandlab must be hiding something. What would be lost if it were open source? Instead of a negative, Bandlab would probably get attention and support, especially from those in the Linux community. It is also strange to note that according to their privacy policy, they "will not rent or sell your Information to Third Parties without your consent". The ability to revoke this consent is not in the settings. Instead, you have to email them.
  3. I can still hear them thorough audio but i cant edit a certain plugin. Ive tried expanding my track view and setting my track to “FX” but i still cant see them. Also this doesn’t seem to be the case if i add a new track and add a vst. I can still see it and edit with a new track. So i think its a problem with my preexisting tracks?
  4. Just a thought that crossed my mind: is there a de-amp sim? Calculating an (distorted) amped guitar sound back to a DI sound. To then create a different sound with an amp-sim.
  5. Hi, I want to make a more complicated drum loop that contain different pitches of the same 808 drum sample. However, I really can't find a way to do it. It seems that I cannot edit the audio clip in any way: can't open it in piano roll view and change the pitch. Is it possible to do it in Cakewalk? Thx for answering.
  6. So I've recorded a short MIDI melody where the beat and bar counting should start on the second note instead of the first one. I could easily pull that off in FL Studio by placing a time signature marker for 4/4 to where the second note starts to reset the beat counter. But how do I insert an upbeat in Cakewalk? Using the "Set Measure/Beat At Now" dialogue accessed by the drop-down menu from right-clicking the timeline gives me nothing but "Invalid measure and/or beat error messages stating that "The tempo required for that location is out of range" and that I should "Please remove some tempo entries in the tempo view around the desired time or enter a correct measure or beat", or saying that Cakewalk is "Unable to specify different measure or beat for the start of project". But, unfortunately, I have no idea what that actually means. The project I originally wanted to work on should be attached to this post in case one of you might look further into my issue. Simple suggestions are preferred though, especially if I have just overlooked a specific feature in Cakewalk. Thanks in advance, Thomas Fritz a.k.a. Xrenyn the Musicmage Auhert's Beacon.cwp
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