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Found 9 results

  1. Saga - Tired World - A song I liked for many years, recorded 1978 the first time so it was time I made a cover of it. I did fake the solo part at 2 places as they where to fast to play and trust me, I really tried but you cannot see nor here exact where... I will tell you if you wanna know and also how I did it. Software used for the fake part was Audacity but I so all base recordings with Audacity and transfer them later to Cakewalk, after I Normalized them and also reduced noises. The drums sounded very static first, a drum machine with real recorded drums so I fiddled some with the high hat and added a delay to it and suddenly, the drums sounded as realistic as they can be I guess. My version is running in 93 bpm and the delay is 120 bpm but should maybe be set to 124 but it got such a nice swing / shuffle feeling, so I kept it at 129 bpm and a role is. Never touch anything that is working. The recording is done in/with Audacity, guitars and song Cakewalk for drums, keyboards and to put all pieces together. The Video is made with Kapwing https://www.kapwing.com The background (free) pictures are taken from: https://pixabay.com/ https://mocah.org/ Other versions of Tired World are: Live (My favorite version): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqpAZur7iPA New version 2021: Original that I used as template for my version:
  2. Here's another departure for me, an attempt at progressive rock. Had a lot of fun adding a synthesizer and even a MELLOTRON in there. First mix, open to suggestions.
  3. Hey... It's been a few years since I've posted a new original here, pre-Bandlab days in fact. The result of life, work, COVID, the end of SONAR, etc.. I actually completed the song last April, didn't get around to uploading until November, and posting here just now in March. Did I mention life, work, COVID and SONAR? 🙃 Anyhow, it's very much as 70's prog inspired piece but somewhat straightforward too (at least time signature-wise). SoundCloud version is here: I've also taken my first dip into the waters of creating a matching video with Vegas Pro, using random free snippets found on the web. Be gentle, it is my first time after all. 😉 Thanks!
  4. My new prog rock instrumental. Guitar, bass, synth, organ, pads, piano, choir, violas, and drums. This is a remake of my "2012" first posted at Acid Planet. Made in Cakewalk. Thanks for listening. Caution- loud rock with wide dynamics. Thanks for listening- I'll check your latest!
  5. A sonic 3d audio-visual play or at least it will be once I do the animation. Dr. Alice Horn, a pre-eminent psychiatrist, a world renowned artist and now part-time mercenary. Dr. Horn recently discovered she had a long lost cousin - Neb Bixby. Naturally she investigates and discovers that, Neb Bixby is indeed The Incredible Bulk! Coincidence or not, at the same she meets ***** McFee...Neb Bixby's arch-nemesis and together they hatch a fiendish plot to create THE SHE-BULK! Set in the late 1980s - Rise of The She-Bulk is the long awaited sequel to Don't Make Me Angry - The Incredible Bulk. This time the work feels more like a 1930s radio play. The first section of the work creates a day in the life of the main character - Dr. Alice Horn. Here we hear the reasons why she became and becomes The She-Bulk...so sleezy guys, innuendos etc. We also hear how she meets ***** McFee through work. The second section morphs into a news broadcast reporting on The She-Bulk. The media are the real villains of our times, and here I present Max Bland of CBC News New York morphing into THE ACTUAL DEVIL...hence the sleezy lyrics near the end. The work is really a commentary on our contemporary times and the predominant themes of said times...so the woke or cancel culture and the #metoo movement. Whilst, I have created the work to be largely sympathetic to what women put up with...there is always a caveat - and that is the Nietzsche quote - "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you" which is clearly a larger theme across The Incredible and She-Hulk universe and of which this send-up is also set. Rise of The She-Bulk, written, performed, mixed and mastered by Neb. Max Bland, Karl Rouge and Sir Richard Snogwhiz played by Neb. Stay Tuned for 3d animation. Enjoy!!
  6. As per title. Latest release. Drums, recording and mixing in CWbBL by yours truly. You might recognize the guitarist from the old Japan tours with Majestic and Time Requiem (with Wildoer (James La Brie) and Lövgren (Meshuggah)). This is a different constellation though.
  7. This is the final part of a trilogy based on the Pyramids of Giza. Thanks for listening. Track available for download @ https://illogistical.bandcamp.com/track/the-kings-chamber-part-iii-of-the-giza-necropolis
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