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Found 3 results

  1. hello guys the activation system in cakewalk a single key file must be made . and I was wondering if I dont refresh activation after 6 months in my cakewalk will I still be able to use it it's a bit odd ones activation must be used
  2. If I get a file from someone that's recorded just a few cents sharp or flat in pitch, the only way to remedy this using Cakewalk (and not with an expired trial of Melodyne) is to open the file in Loop Construction View. This process is buried very deep in the Reference Guide and took me a long time to find. We have the Process/Transpose command, which can be applied to clips from the global menu, but it only allows shifting pitch in half-step increments, which is of no use when someone shows up with something that's say, 5 cents flat. I would like to be able to apply finer increments of pitch shift via the Process/Transpose command (and/or right click on the clip). The algorithms that would do the signal processing are already built in to Cakewalk. Whenever I need to perform this not uncommon task, I feel frustrated that I can't utilize them more fully. (While it's true that I could also open them in just about any audio editing program like Sound Forge or Audacity (which I have), the advantage that a DAW has is that processes like this can be non-destructive)
  3. Hello, Brand new to all this. Just downloaded Cakewalk. The tutorials I have seen so far all introduce the different sections of the app and explain what they do. I haven't a clue how to actually proceed with anything. I really need to watch someone go through, step by step from the start, and show how to add a few tracks and special effects. Just got a Akai LPK 25 keyboard to start playing with. Any links to actual videos of people making their projects would be super appreciated. I'm lost. Thank you!
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