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Found 13 results

  1. Get 10% off of the Blue Cat Audio AcouFiend Feeback Simulation Plug-In at... http://www.digifreq.com/digifreq/newsinfo.asp?NewsID=5161
  2. Hi there, I've been recently getting this kind of messages : "Can't load plugin: Specified module could not be found". It has been happening with various plugins. Please see the attached photo. Can someone tell me why this keeps happening?
  3. Hi there. Is there any player on VST instrument basis that can be used universally? For Garritan I need Aria. For NI I need at least Kontakt player. There are the built-in sounds of Dimension pro. Sometimes it's possible to open some instruments from the Dimension Pro Library in Aria. But Aria is not fully functional, not reliable to full extent. This brings me to the idea there could be a universal VST instrument that works like a browser which "translates" the files for ARIA and those for NI and, and, and, to "it's own language" so all the libraries were accessible through that one player. (I think more than the usual 16 channels aren't possible anyway before reforming and expanding MIDI standards.) Any suggestions? Or is my question a suggestion for the ingenious developpiong team @ Bandlab / Sonar? (There might be some people shouting about copyrights. But hey, all those players are available for free anyway.)
  4. I want to use plugin for making Lo-fi sound so i searched "Alias Factor" but i can't find where i can download First i want to ask, "Alias Factor" plugin is free? if i need to buy how much is it? Second, I want to know the site which can download "Alias Factor" If you can, please give me an adress. i would be glad to you so much Thank you
  5. I downloaded and installed a third party Audio Effects plugin. Cakewalk scans and recognises it. But when I go to insert audio effects, I can't find it. How do I find and insert it in a track?
  6. Good afternoon all, Hope you're well. Are there any programs to allow for distributed loading/streaming of plugins for Cakewalk? I have some large projects files and i'm beginning to reach the limits with my laptop and so I'd like to offload some of the processing requirements to another computer. I've investigated FX Teleport but this looks quite old now so wondering whether there's a more modern and affective way of achieving this. I've also found DAW Connect but this appears to be focussed more on cloud-services and relies on integration with plugin providers as opposed to being a local user solution. Thanks guys, Matthew
  7. OK - so I guess Nomad Factory had some sort of bundling deal for presumably a prior version of Sonar, and I have a friend who has used BlueVerb DRV-2080 in some projects, and has had some recent crashes in at least one project that does use BlueVerb DRV-2080, which seems to be a Cakewalk Edition version, from 2013. There was maintenance applied by Nomad Factory, as general maintenance, to all older products, from 2015, and I want to have my friend switch to using the more currently maintained version of the plugin. The issue is that the newer version, after install, only runs in Demo Mode now, and I see no evidence of having any product key or serial number or whatever, from the older version that had shipped with a prior version of Sonar, so I do not know how to get the more currently maintained NEWER version I just installed for my friend, to become licensed again. Does anybody know what sort of license code would have been associated with the original version of BlueVerb DRV-2080, that shipped with some prior version of Sonar? (I am hoping to be able to plug in whatever licensing code was associated with the old version of the plugin, to authorize the better-maintained 2015 version of it). Thanks, Bob Bone
  8. Just to thank you by Cakewalk, which I find it wonderful and powerful; and to suggest you a feature: just mirroring the plugins folder tree structure in Plugins TAB, as in Windows Explorer. Oftenly, we want to organize our - usually many - thirdy party plugins by ourselves, and this is a very fast way to do that. I used to use that feature in my ancient Synapse Orion (below) and that make things pretty simple. Thats just a suggestion, I know how hard things could be. Thank you for this nice piece of software.
  9. I just installed the latest update for cakewalk (2019.11). Audio tracks I’ve recorded that have plugins and effects on them playback with a lot of static and distortion. The tracks play back fine when I remove all effects or freeze the track, so I’m assuming this is an issue with the audio preferences, but I’m not too sure. This issue was not present before I updated
  10. Good evening, Does anyone know where the plugin custom category information is stored? I.e. I save a VST into a folder called Analog Synth, which is available to all projects using the computer. I have two computers which I do music on and i'd like to find a way of synchronizing this if possible. Best wishes, Matthew
  11. I've been trying everything to get Kontakt to work for even a second with Cakewalk. Currently it loads up in my VSTs, I can select the plugin that I want from Kontakt, and load it up and even play it a bit. Sometimes it uses too many voices and it will clip and dropout, but if it is a simple lead line or just a single note I can record a whole part. But once the part is recorded and I try to play it back, it plays everything else and the lead is either distorted or absent. I have a pretty powerful Dell desktop with 6 cores, and plenty of RAM to run it, but I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this anymore. Any ideas?
  12. A few weeks ago I "found" a plugin I liked but I didn't download it because I didn't want to get side tracked from what I was doing at the time. Now I can't find it. The free plug-in takes an existing kick drum sound and enhances it to make the kick drum sound massive. I think it's sort of like a kick drum style dial since I don't remember it having a lot of user controls or much of a GUI interface. It's pretty much a one trick pony but it performs it's one trick very well. If anyone knows of an effect like that please share a link here.
  13. Hello. Year or two ago I bought some cheap plugins from PA and started getting monthly vouchers. I was surprised when I received $15 voucher several times despite the fact that I spend $5 on a plugin. After few month I stopped receiving these vouchers. Last month I bought DS Thorn for $19 and received nothing. Did terms of receipt PA voucher been changed or I should have spend more $ to get it?
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