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Found 5 results

  1. I've downloaded the Satie midi file from the Spitfire Orchestral walkthrough here https://www.spitfireaudio.com/thepage/ and made a reasonable job of assigning it to three instances of Miroslav Philharmonik in a CbB project - which plays perfectly However when I created a new project, swapping out Philharmonik for Garritan PO playback stutters. Can anyone suggest the likely cause of this - could it be to do with the buffer size or is it something to do with RAM or HDD loading times - does Garritan load differently from Philharmonik? I have other Garritan Orchestral projects, including a Sibelius 2nd Symphony, which have much more going on at once and they play fine - why would this be different? I'm on Win 10 latest update and use onboard soundcard with ASIO4All - I tried swapping to WASAPI but couldn't get any sound when I did! Appreciate any suggestions!
  2. Review: Spitfire Audio SYMPHONIC ORGAN http://www.digifreq.com/digifreq/reviewdetails.asp?ProdReviewID=40
  3. It's been a while since I did an orchestral that includes woodwinds, but for some reason it felt like the right thing to do on this one (at least to me) [and hopefully it's more original than my last song]. ...or SoundCloud Hope you enjoy! (Comments and critique welcome)
  4. antler

    "The Arrival"

    Hi Everyone This song started life as the soundtrack for a trailer scoring competition for a certain product. Nothing much came of it, and I thought I'd pad it out a little more rather than let it go to waste. Comments welcome; hope you enjoy! YouTube or SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/ant-832623685/the-arrival
  5. Hi folks, This project happened rather suddenly, by my standards. I really enjoyed my New Year's Eve experiment of creating a piece of music fast and without thinking too much about it. So, I tried a similar thing on Sunday evening -- just sat down and wrote something, not stopping until I had something basically complete. And "The Soldier's Hornpipe" is the result. I just had a fragment of melody that I fleshed out and then created the basic sketch, which evoked for me the image of Colonial-era soldiers on the march. The basic foundation of the track took four hours on Sunday, and I revisited it both last night and tonight in order to give it more polish. In total, about 6 hours of work - so far. More work is needed, as I consider this a preliminary sketch, and I actually intend to expand the music, as well as improve and add more detail. I must admit, I am surprised at how much I am enjoying writing stuff using this damn the torpedoes sort of approach. I tend to be my own worst critic, and sometimes do a great job derailing my creative impulses. Kind of nice to just get stuff down, and not worry about whether it's good until the dust settles. Anyway, I'd be very curious to hear any feedback on this one, if folks are so inclined: Libraries used... Strings: Albion ONE and 8Dio Anthology Brass: EastWest Hollywood Brass Woodwinds: Vienna Symphonic Library Percussion: Native Instruments Symphony Series, Vienna Symphonic Library, EastWest Hollywood Percussion Ethnic/World: Era II Soprano Recorder Thanks a lot folks! Rob PS: I am interested in hearing about things in the music that people both like and dislike. Any critical points or comments are greatly appreciated. I've already noticed a couple of points that somehow escaped my notice when I exported the audio - a glitchy recorder note in the final section, and a discordant note when the recorder and (I think) a tamtam strike interfere with each other at the key change modulation.
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