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Found 3 results

  1. "Arm Tracks" command that we use for recording Audio tracks is not fast enough as compared to Auto Arm feature we use for MIDI/Instrument Tracks. The problem in this command increases and felt proportionally by the track amount in the project. MIDI tracks recording starts instantly with the Auto Arm preference when recording. But in the same project after applying "Arm Tracks" command to an Audio Track, we have to wait for the commands process completion to start recording. However clicking on the record button on the track completes the process instantly. So the issue is related to the "Arm Tracks" command. And what it does is directly related to the amount of the tracks in the project.
  2. Playback/Recording Start and Stop Duration increases depending on the amount of SoftSynths in the Project. I noticed that at the beginning of the Playback/Recording, it calculates all synths, regardless of whether they are used or unused and whether they are recorded. This duration can be shortened by only calculating Synths which have MIDI Events on the project. As we add new things to the project, the Playback/Recording start and stop duration may increase by the amount of the Synths, FXs we used. I'm OK with that. But in an empty project, this duration should not be longer due to loaded and unused Synths. By this way we won't have to optimize the project manually by doing Archive on/off for every sound audition on tracks. It may work like "Automatic Archive"
  3. I have been really struggling as some of other users of late to pinpoint sources of latency and conflicts , especially when USB devices are involved. I currently am using a PreSonus Studio 6|8 USB 2 Audio Interface and just having some really annoying crackles when working with the latest update of SampleTank 4.04. I was wanting to make sure that the PreSonus was on a dedicated USB channel and found this utility that provided a clear and straightforward view of how things were connected. You can see that there is a lot going on but I was able to get the Studio 6|8 on its own by sort of trial and error connecting and checking the tree: You can learn more about this utility here: https://www.uwe-sieber.de/usbtreeview_e.html#download I now actually believe it is a SampleTank 4.04 issue as I tried the project and loaded it down with a lot of heavy memory VSTs (Trillian, Kontakt (running NOIRE), Addictive Drums, etc) Hope it helps?
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