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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, my Cakewalk project crashes immediately after opening the project and loading the plugins. I analyzed the dump file and it says: ERROR_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000374 - A heap has been corrupted. FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: HEAP_CORRUPTION_ACTIONABLE_BlockNotBusy_DOUBLE_FREE_c0000374_ntdll.dll!RtlpFreeHeapInternal Does anyone knows what that means? @msmcleod Also is it posssible for you to take a look at the dump file if I send you? (If this error codes isn't enough) Thank you so much in advance
  2. Hi I am having a issue where cakewalk crashes when try to open a saved or new projects. Appreciate your help. The only thing I have changed was adding VX-64 Vocal Strip. --------------------------Windows--------------------------- Edition Windows 11 Home Version 21H2 Installed on ‎7/‎02/‎2022 OS build 22000.556 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Cakewalk: 2022.02(Build 29, 64bit) Audio interface: behringer UM2 Driver: behringer USB WDM AUDIO 2.8.40 ------------------------Project------------------------------------------- Sample rate: 44100 Hz Bit depth: 16 bits Thanks and Regards.
  3. This is my third time asking a question here in the past three days lol. Anyway, the last time I touched my most recent project was late afternoon yesterday. Everything was fine. Today though, when I try to open it, I get the notif on my lower right screen saying that the project opened successfully, then, a second later, the program closes on its own. Attached is a screenshot of the last thing I see before it closes. No error message or anything. When I try opening a new project, it works fine and doesn't crash. But I need to continue working on my latest (and first) song. Anyone have any insight on how to fix this? PS If it's worth anything, Windows installed a few updates the night before.
  4. I was opening a project that I had copied (using "save copy as"). I played it back, but I noticed that some notes were not synchronized to when I had placed them. The lead instrument, for example, would start playing early, even though the placement of the note is where I want it to be. However, everything sounds fine when I export it. It sounded fine when I saved it, so why did it get messed up when I opened it?
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