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Found 6 results

  1. 12 Gods: Zeus soundbank from Vicious Antelope contains 50 Omnisphere 2 presets. Here you could find folklore sounds, epic synths, playable soundscapes and dark pads. The presets have a deep cinematic character. Intro price 6,99€ until August 2nd, 2022 (Normally 12,99€) You can grab at: https://www.viciousantelope.com/product-page/12-gods-zeus-omnisphere-2 Presets walkthrough video Presets were designed with Omnisphere 2.8 or and run best with this or newer version • Software 2.8.3d • Soundsources v2.6.1c • Patches v2.8.1c
  2. Man Makes Noise wishes all of you a merry Xmas. Here's a gift from me to you: a free Omnisphere library! Based on the orchestral sounds in the Versilian Studios VCSO Community Edition, this library transforms and mutates them into something new and fantastic: And did I mention it is free? So grab it here: https://www.manmakesnoise.com/mutated Original tease message: Something new from Man Makes Noise is coming in just two days, but had to share this before that. 100% the library...
  3. The sales frenzy that is Black Friday has arrived at Man Makes Noise! From now until the 30th of November you can get significant discounts on all single products AND the Omnisphere Bundle! Use the code WHOOAH on checkout to get: -50% off of single libraries -25% off of the Omnisphere Bundle Remember to use the code WHOOAH on checkout! https://www.manmakesnoise.com/
  4. Man Makes Noise releases Omnidose for Omnisphere 2.6 and welcomes you to a journey that began 32 years ago when Roland released the D-50 synth. Omnidose is a modern day re-imagining of that legendary piece of music gear. This is not an attempt to recreate what the D-50 sounded like, but rather a voyage to discover new sonic ground, the Man Makes Noise way. The 125 patches of Omnidose were made using the Roland D-50 waveforms in Omnisphere. These patches require the Omnisphere 2.6 hardware library to function! The patches are divided into 8 categories: ARP + BPM (14), DISTORTION (3), HITS AND BITS (6), PADS + STRINGS (44), SYNTH BASS (23), SYNTH MONO (5), SYNTH POLY (22), SYNTH SHORT (8) Most patches use multiple MIDI CC controls: Velocity, Modwheel, Aftertouch, Breath Control and Pitch Bend to change parameters of the sounds. Omnidose contains a bonus of 10 Artificial Ambiences in .wav format. The price of Omnidose is 25€ (excluding VAT) with an intro price of 19€ (excluding VAT) until the 9th of February 2020. Get it here: https://www.manmakesnoise.com/omnidose As with everything Man Makes Noise has released I'm offering a freebie of 10 patches for you to test out what Omnidose is. Get the patches here: https://www.manmakesnoise.com/freebies Original teaser:
  5. Today Man Makes Noise releases it's zero ducks giving cinematic sound library: The Duck of Death! https://www.manmakesnoise.com/the-duck-of-death The Duck of Death is an unusual library. It is not what you would expect. The Duck of Death is an exploration into changing an irritating and horrible sound into something beautiful and cinematic. The Ducks have been used raw and they have been transformed with other tools and then made into wonderful sounds with Omnisphere. With a face that only a mother could love and a voice not even that mother could love. The Duck (or actually Ducks) of Death brings you a voice heard all over the internet (you know the viral videos of people pushing a bunch of these down and running for their lives). I present a library that begs the question, what makes an instrument? I’ve gone with the idea that an instrument can really be anything. Let’s meet the Ducks. First we have The Big Duck. The Big Duck is the main vocalist of the library, producing most of the raw sonic material. Capable of doing short and long notes, The Big Duck specializes in monotonous delivery. Beat it enough and you can get some more colors out of it. And actually beating it with a stick produces some monotonous thumps. Then we have The Little Duck. It barks. The Duck of Death contains 200 patches, 50 multis and 165 original soundsources. The patches are divided into 11 categories that are easily identifiable within Omnisphere. Arp + Bpm (51), Distortion (6), Electronic Mayhem (2), Hits And Bits (16), Keyboards (2), Pads + Strings (34), Synth Bass (20), Synth Long (8), Synth Mono (6), Synth Poly (37), Texture Soundscapes (18). The Multis are divided into two categories with 25 multis in each: Cinematic Duckments and World of Ducks. The Duck of Death also contains a bonus library of drums recorded from a cardboard box and processed into electronic drum kits. This is provided in a simple Kontakt instrument as well as .wav files. The Duck of Death requires Spectrasonic's Omnisphere 2.6. The price of The Duck of Death is 39€ (excluding VAT) with an intro price of 25€ (excluding VAT). The intro offer is available until the 24th of November. https://www.manmakesnoise.com/the-duck-of-death Demo I'm offering a freebie of 10 patches for you to test out what The Duck of Death is. Get the patches here.
  6. https://audiobundledeals.com/deals/omnisphere-expansion-bundle-2/ Audio Bundle Deals: Up to 70% off EACH product in BUILD YOUR OWN Omnisphere Expansion Bundle 2 - Your choice 10 Products worth €262 & donate to Charity at the same time! 10 products in the bundle – €262 worth of content Up to 70% off EACH product, or buy the full bundle and save €163! A monstrous range of sounds from some of the best sound designers in the industry! 846 Patches & 60 Multis! All products (except Gaia & Ambient Pads Vol. 1) require Omnisphere 2 Buy each product individually at a huge discount or grab them all for mega savings! 10% of your purchase goes directly to charity! Buy the bundle €99.00 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Note: Individual libraries are 40 to 62% off. The only one that I'm personally familiar with is Artenuovo's Delight and it's a great library; it's 60% off
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