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Found 3 results

  1. HI:) Important for not to reset Controller when playback stop In the preferences-->Midi-->Instruments-->Port/All Channels of the Controller-->Define--> Import LaunchControlXL.ins (Download from OneDrive Link) Now this Controller is not resetted on Settings--> Project-->More Midi-->"Reset Controller when playback stop" enabled. Normal Mode: (Gain, Pan, Send 1-6 Vol + Pan, Vol Tracks, Mute, Solo, RecArm, Auto Write Arm, Phase, Echo) (Always 8 Tracks WAI) 4 Edit Modes: (Edit, Record, Level and PRV) (massive Edit commands) Very Fast Navigation: For Normal and Edit Mode: (Move Bar +-, Marker +-, Section +-, move Selection (Snap), move Clip Selection, move Marker/Section Selection, move Data Cursor, Fade In/Out, Crop Left/Right, Loop, Punch.......) Level Mode Stereo: (Shows selected Track Level with Colors on 2 button Banks) (my favourite) 24 Track Mode: (24 Tracks Vol, Pan and 16 Tracks Bus Vol and Pan) (Bank Change) ProChannel 8-Track Mode: (8 Tracks simultaniously EQ, Comp, CE and Tube) (my absolute favourite) ProChannel Mode: (All Standard Parameter) PRV Mode: Change Note Length, Nudge Up/Down, Nudge Up/Down 1 octave, Nudge Left/right (Snap), Change Velocity -1, -5, +5, +1, Next/Prev Note Midi Mode (See Instrument Definition at Start of the Post) ACT Mode (64 Sliders, 128 Buttons, 192 Rotors for ACT Parameters) Extended Keyboard Edit Mode on Controller with repeated Buttons and 2 +- Rotors for faster working AZController Display for almost ALL parameters and values: All Parameter Values, Selected Track Names, Track Number, Markers, Measure, Beats, Ticks, Snap Settings, Note Length a.s.o. Using 4 Presets of LaunchControl with 4 Banks each. http://www.azslow.com/index.php?topic=521.msg3018#msg3018 Always the newest Files: Latest Version 01-08-2021 (It's finished!!!) Will always add or change some things to make it better. Working all day with it in Studio. ) https://1drv.ms/u/s!Al2mKojzOW0Mp6cltmQ69wjk2fKl0A?e=HzcDaw Have fun and please give feedback;) Bassman
  2. HI:) Made a Video from the problem. Trying to move a special selection and it works, but only if a clip is underneath. What I did in the Video (With Controller) 1. Select Track 2. Select Clip 3. Isolate 4. Change Snap Settings (Very fast with a Rotor) 5. Zoom In 6. Select a portion of the clip (Jog) 7. Zoom Out 8. Move the selection and select some other Slice 9. Change the gain of the slice twice 10. Move on to the next slices I'm doing this moving with a assigned CAL Script by 16th Now when the clip is at the end, it isn't moving anymore with the CAL. (Doesn't work on Midi Clips) Could this be possible to move the selection further to the next clip without to have to bind the clips? Would it be possible to implement this "moving" into the SDK like "EC Clip Left/Right/Up/Down" --> EC Selection Left/Right/Up/Down by Snap settings? This "Moving Selection" is a huge time saver, you don't have to always select each portion to edit it! Here the Video: Thank you very much;) Bassman.
  3. Hi, I can't wait to come back home to install the cakewalk software by bandlab and try the different features, it seems very cool. I'm writing 'cause in few weeks I'll buy the new Novation Launchkey 61 MK3 that is completely created to control all feature of Ableton LIVE. As suggestion I'm asking if the staff can insert a native map for this keyboard / MIDI Controller also to use the different buttons to move and arm the different tracks and so on, it could be very nice :)
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